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The annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners.


A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2016 was compiled by Toni Sant for his eleventh annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2016 releases; Toni Sant has always maintained, through his podcast and blog, that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Here is the list of nominations for 2016. Please feel free to make any suggestions or corrections you see fit through the talk page. [M3P Registration/login required]

Click on the link to the right to view/hide the full sortable list of nominees for 2016:
215Collective Chill Bill Video [non-Maltese language]
22 When I See You Now Video [non-Maltese language]
26 Other Worlds The Quiet Place Online
A Broken Design Feel the Rage Video [non-Maltese language]
Acidulant Lunar Recon EP
Acidulant Lost for a Moment Online
Acidulant Ladies and House Music Video [non-Maltese language]
Aidan Cassar Rule the World Online
Airport Impressions Mariette Video [non-Maltese language]
Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus Ad Aeternum Album
Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus Ad Aeternum Video [non-Maltese language]
Align the Tide Welcome to Hell Video [non-Maltese language]
Align the Tide The Golden Throne Video [non-Maltese language]
Amber Redemption Album
Amber What They Say Video [non-Maltese language]
Amelia Hope The Little Daily Things (video) Overseas
Angelcrypt Serpents of the Somme Video [non-Maltese language]
Anidroc My Prayer (album) Overseas
Another Dimension Where Can I Find You Online
AYTO feat. Kelsey Bellante To the Whistle Video [non-Maltese language]
Bahjat Talk To Me Video [non-Maltese language]
Bahjat Stand Tall Video [non-Maltese language]
Bila Wiċċi ma' Wiċċek Video [Bil-Malti]
BlackFawn Generations 14/Hopes & Dreams (videos) Overseas
Brendan Jackson This Time Video [non-Maltese language]
Brikkuni Rub Al Khali Online
Canvas Wall Mannekind (EP) Overseas
Caravana Sun Eye of the Storm Overseas
Carlo Muscat Explorations Album
Caro Don't Say Online
Chess Galea 1869 (album) Overseas
Chris and Moira Ninety Nights and a Monday Album
Chris and Moira Flight 170 Video [non-Maltese language]
Cinnamon War Tell Me Now Video [non-Maltese language]
CJ Cordina Ħsibijiet Fondi Online
Claudia Faniello You Said Video [non-Maltese language]
Clifford Borg Secret Energy Video [non-Maltese language]
Clinton Paul Samsara Album
Clinton Paul Tnax Album
Clinton Paul Beautiful Day Video [non-Maltese language]
Crux Epiphany Album
Crux Smiling Man Video [non-Maltese language]
Dasha Britan feat. Lyndsay Pace All the Way Online
Davinia Pace Reckless Online
Decline the Fall As Guardians Fall Online
Different Light The Burden of Paradise (album) Overseas
Digby Two Side to Everything Album
Digby Open Spot Video [non-Maltese language]
Digby feat Antoinette Cassar Galdes Diska Għalik Video [Bil-Malti]
Dolls For Idols Fabric Days Video [non-Maltese language]
Duncan Agius She's A Woman Video [non-Maltese language]
Dusk Hitman Video [non-Maltese language]
Empire of the Ants Utopia Video [non-Maltese language]
Empire of the Ants Icarus Video [non-Maltese language]
Etnika Maddalena's Trip Folk Klabb Album
Eversity Shadows 'n' Light Online
Eversity Big Man Video [non-Maltese language]
Explicit Smile Online
F-Trio F-Trio EP
Falcon's Flying Circus Falcon's Flying Circus Album
Festen B-Sides (EP) Overseas
Footprints Backbench Album
Forty Days of Rain I Need A Drink (Bad Boy) Video [non-Maltese language]
Fr Rob Galea + Bettina Cassar Draw Me Video [non-Maltese language]
Franklin Calleja Let You Go Video [non-Maltese language]
Freddie Portelli Inkanta bil-Malti Album
Funk Initiative The Furthest From Home I've Ever Been Video [non-Maltese language]
Fuzzhoneys EP tal-Ġenn EP
Fuzzhoneys Blues Video [non-Maltese language]
Gaby Bonello Coming Home (EP) Overseas
Ġiżimina Il-Bejjiegħa tal-Ward Online
Hannah Brown Still A Sense (Smoked & Uncut Sessions) Overseas
Hazyl Hush Now Video [non-Maltese language]
Il-Lokko L-Ewwel Darba Online
Il-Majċa Ma Mort Imkien Online
Ira Losco Walk On Water Video [non-Maltese language]
Jack's Fusion Impulse EP
Jack's Fusion Burn the Day Video [non-Maltese language]
James Spiteri Shadowscape Online
Jane Doe Bury Online
Janice Mangion Burnin' Online
Jasmar Cassar On the Run Video [non-Maltese language]
Jasmar Cassar When Love Comes Around Video [non-Maltese language]
Jessika Can't Let Go Video [non-Maltese language]
Joe Roscoe Figure This Out Online
Joe Roscoe Passenger Seat Video [non-Maltese language]
Joe Roscoe I'm There Video [non-Maltese language]
Johnny Vincent + Rikki Lee Cheri, Cheri Lady Video [non-Maltese language]
Jon Lukas Woodenman Your Song Overseas
Josie Charlwood Look Up (EP) Overseas
Jules Forest Daggers Online
Kafena It-Tfal Ma Jaħtu Qatt Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax Rivelazzjoni Album
Kapitlu Tlettax Doppju Sens (video) Online
Kapitlu Tlettax Nissokta B'Risposta Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax + Shyli Inutli Titkaża Video [Bil-Malti]
KARR GalacticOrs Online
Kelly Ann Mintoff Feeling Alive Online
Kelsey We Don't Care Video [non-Maltese language]
Kevin Borg Young At Heart Overseas
Kid Crisis XYZ Kisses Album
Kill the Action The Inside Video [non-Maltese language]
Krishna Seeker of Light Album
Kylie Coleiro Red Tango Online
L-Urugan Diversità Online
Maria Muscat 'La Barokka' Eternity Video [non-Maltese language]
Larissa Borg Parfum Video [non-Maltese language]
Lauren Aquilina Kicks (album) Overseas
Lawrence Gray The Call Video [non-Maltese language]
Lejla Maltija Lejla Maltija (video) Overseas
Life Long War Sun Video [non-Maltese language]
Lucy's Last 3AM Vigil Online
Malcolm Pisani Emperor Video [non-Maltese language]
Mantra Loose EP
Manwel T Freedom Stepper Online
Maria Lewis Fire of Love Video [non-Maltese language]
Mark Grech Adrenaline Rush/Pocket Groove Online
Martina Cutajar Għaliex Online
Maryse Lorraine Erase It All Online
Matteo Makes Music feat. Naomi Rae Freakiest Lullaby Online
Melbourne Ska Orchestra Sierra Kilo Alpha (album) Overseas
Melchior Sultana Mediterranean Album Album
Microlith Train Stops For Free Album
Mind's Eye Dub Some Animals Are More Dub/Neringa Dub Online
Miriam Cauchi Riflessi: Art Songs From Malta Album
Miriana Conte I'm Yours Online
Mistura U l-Kotra Għajtet f'Daqqa Album
Muxu + Friends Pray Video [non-Maltese language]
Nadine Fenech Jien u l-Biża Video [Bil-Malti]
New Cuorey L-Antiki Album
Niki u Rea Tgħalim tal-Ħajja Online
Noir Till You Switch Off the Lights Album
Noogie's Crew The EP EP
Odessa Green Darkness Video [non-Maltese language]
Oxygyn Corrode Video [non-Maltese language]
Paradox Ekdikisi Online
Purple Haze Paradigm Shift Video [non-Maltese language]
Pyramid Suns Devil Inside EP
Raquel Signs Video [non-Maltese language]
Rebecca Scicluna Rizzo Pancakes and Cream Video [non-Maltese language]
Rebecca Scicluna Rizzo I'll Be Fine Video [non-Maltese language]
Red Electrick Inside You Album
Red Electrick Sinner (lyric video) Online
Richard Edwards Burning Video [non-Maltese language]
Rikki Lee Blood Runs Thicker Online
Rising Sunset Decretum Album
Rob Harbour The Lighthouse (EP) Overseas
Robert Farrugia Tines EP
Sandrina Stone Video [non-Maltese language]
Saħħar Pjanetaċidju Album
Sharp Free My Soul Online
Shortfall Surprise (video) Overseas
Shyli Il-Patt Online
Shyli L-Unur Video [Bil-Malti]
Soulshaker feat. Monroe Something Real Overseas
Spinesplitter Studio Brute Video [non-Maltese language]
Stalko A Long Wave Goodbye Album
Stefan Galea Broken Promises Video [non-Maltese language]
Steve Compagno Surrender Video [non-Maltese language]
Stimulus Timbre Harmonic Discovery Album
STJ feat. Clifford Borg Eco Ballad Online
Take 2 Entertainment Basta Nemmen fil-Bambin Video [Bil-Malti]
The Black Horses The Black Horses (album) Overseas
The Busker Telegram Album
The Busker Chestnut Online
The Busker It’s Alright (I’ve Got the Blues) Video [non-Maltese language]
The New Victorians Great Divide Video [non-Maltese language]
The Rifffs feat. Neville Staple Bad Seed Video [non-Maltese language]
The Shack feat Eliza Borg Rizzo New York City Video [non-Maltese language]
The Travellers Xemx u Xita EP
The Travellers Xemx u Xita Video [Bil-Malti]
The Travellers Dak Li Int Video [Bil-Malti]
The Travellers Sempliċità Video [Bil-Malti]
The Velts She's Like the Sun Video [non-Maltese language]
The Voyage Good Times Video [non-Maltese language]
Tony Camilleri Jien Ħriġt Dawra Online
Tryst Arcane Nefarious Dance Online
Various L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2016 Album
Vake Mama Groove Online
Walrus and the Carpenter Home (Valiant Music Sessions) Overseas
WaterWings Powerless Video [non-Maltese language]
Wayne William The Parade Video [non-Maltese language]
Xarulu' Smells Like a Relic Video [non-Maltese language]
Yews Start Making Up Your Mind Video [non-Maltese language]

Top Picks

Voting was open for 21 days from 7 January 2017 until 27 January 2017 at

A total of 3,683 votes were submitted, which were subdivided into each category (in order of popularity):

Top Online Release: 755
Top Music Video (Bil-Malti): 738
Top Music Video (non-Maltese language): 736
Top Overseas-based Artist: 729
Top Album (inc. EPs): 725

The top 5 vote receivers in each category are indicated below.

Top Album/EP

725 votes were received in this category. see details

Top Music Video [Bil-Malti]

738 votes were received in this category. see details

Top Music Video [non-Maltese language]

736 votes were received in this category. see details

Top Online Release

755 votes were received in this category. see details

Top Overseas-based

729 votes were received in this category. see details

The Opinion Stage plug-in is used for voting on this poll. The interface was designed by QUE Design Studio.

The 2016 Listener's Top Picks were announced during Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast number 475, which was released on Saturday 28 January 2017.

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