Life Long War

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Life Long War is an indie/alternative rock band from Malta, active since late 2013.

Life Long War
Life Long War at KSJC Fest 14

The group was firstly initiated by founding band members Zeki Floyd Cassar, Kyle Fearne and Nicky Camilleri.

The band has played in numerous national events, fund raising festivities, music marathons and even performed on live TV, as well as gigs in private establishments and collaboration gigs with other local bands.

Life Long War's debut single 'Sun', was released on the 16th of December 2015.

The band is mainly influenced by The Black Keys & Franz Ferdinand.


The current band members are:

Nicky Camilleri - Vocals, Synths, Guitars

Zeki Floyd Cassar - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Kyle Fearne - Drums

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