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Sharp is a Rock band from Gozo from by four members established in 2016.

Line-Up Members

Recently launch a new single named Feel My Soul.

Bringing a pumping song to the stage, their music calls back to a time of big hair, hard hitting drums and squealing guitar solos. Yet it is all delivered ina crisp, modern sound with an image to match.

In a way, this song represents the moment we broke away and started believing in our own song writing ability – it quite literally freed our soul, says front man Ricky Bugeja, We’ve been playing together for donkeys’ years and we decided to step it up and finally record one of the dozens we had written. The band has been on and off for a number of years, undergoing a couple of line-up changes along the way before arriving at its current line-up. Ricky sings, plays rhythm guitar and harmonica while writing a lot of the material. Co-writer Mark Grech plays bass, with Garry Cheshire on axe duties and Christopher Mercieca banging away on the skins.

The song isn’t for the faint of heart – and it is very far from being a pop song, so I was pretty sure we wouldn’t get more than 200 views in all continues Ricky, but we reached 1,000 views in the first hour and by the morning after I almost fainted when I saw 4,500 organic views.

The production of the song was made by David Depasquale from spines Splitter Studios, while Fortress Communications took care of the video and promotion.