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Born in 1988, on the island of Malta, Carlo began his musical education and explored his love for jazz music under the tutelage of local jazz veteran Vinny Vella Sr. He made a name for himself through the local performances he gave around the island as he slowly began collaborating with renowned local and international musicians. In the year 2012, he was awarded a prestigious scholarship from Berklee School of Music and also had the opportunity to rehearse with and learn from Charles Gatt, founder of the Malta International Jazz Festival and a notable drummer. He has gained exposure at prestigious venues around Europe, while continuing to collaborate with the who's-who of the Maltese and European jazz scene.

His passion and love for jazz dates back to the time when he was a cherubic 11-year-old, unaware of what the instrument even sounded like. Little did he know that at some point he would be aspiring to the likes of Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson, Joe Lovano and Mark Turner, to name a few, in search of inspiration for his musical creations and helping him in developing a diverse jazz repertoire and strong sense of creative, artistic expression. He describes his musical journey as an awakening process - one that is ceaseless, expressive and allows for freedom of interpretation.

In 2012, he pioneered the concept of ‘The Sound Catalogues’, an artistic endeavour aimed at bringing together a series of catalogues inspired by important historical events, figures, artistic movements and eras. He relocated to Paris in 2013 to further his studies - this brought forth a series of lucrative opportunities for him to make connections within the thriving, Parisian music scene, which eventually led to the creation of his first album for The Sound Catalogues Vol.1 - Extraordinary Episodes, featuring the likes of Mátyás Szandai, Sandro Zerafa, Daniele Raimondi, Joe Debono and Lionel Boccara. The group had worked on a collaborative project earlier, which was presented at the Malta Jazz Festival, honed and guided under the eminent guitarist, Sandro Zerafa.

A seasoned musician, Carlo Muscat is known for his fresh take on jazz music and his unabashed use of improvisation, making the tunes of his compositions markedly his own. He is currently working on subsequent volumes of his albums and continues to study music, exploring uncharted domains for him to work with. Notable performances from recent years include the 'Live at Sunset' concert at the world renowned Parisian club, the 2011, 2012, and 2015 Malta Jazz Festival, the 2015 Bergamo Jazz Festival, a trio concert 'Live at Petit Journal Montparnasse' in Paris, and many more.