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Shortfall are a four piece hard-rock band from Melbourne, Australia.

Brothers Simon, Chris and Mark Borg formed the band that also features David Glavich on guitar. Previous members include guitarists Andrew Downing and Jono East. The band had been performing around Melbourne for a number of years before their first tour early in 2016 took the band interstate as well as throughout regional Victoria.

Their 2016 single Coming Home opened Toni Sant's Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast number 448 on Saturday 7 May 2016.

Their first album was announced for early 2017.


from their Facebook profile in 2016:

The Shortfall story starts many years ago when brothers Simon, Chris and Mark Borg were introduced to guitarist Andrew Downing through mutual friends. The boys got together and would often jam covers of their favourite bands. The band started developing a passion for writing their own songs and soon enough, they were taking to the stage with a solid set of rocking tunes of their own. Inspired by the Australian alternative rock wave of bands such as Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus and Melbourne’s own Twelve Foot Ninja, they boys were motivated to get their own tunes out there. A short three track demo featuring early Shortfall songs ‘Mind Games’, ‘One Step’ and ‘Word’ was recorded and the boys gigged hard to push these songs, giving out copies at every gig they played. They soon ran out of copies of this demo and had to contemplate between printing more copies of the three track demo or producing a new EP with songs that had taken on more of an evolution in the months prior.

A warm January morning in early 2012 was where the foundations would be laid for what would be a blistering debut EP for Melbourne rockers Shortfall. Simon Borg, Andrew Downing, Chris Borg and Mark Borg spent countless early mornings, late nights and much blood, sweat and tears went into producing the bands debut EP – titled ‘Falling Awake’. After spending weeks trying to capture the frenetic energy on to a recording that is encapsulated in every Shortfall show, the boys put their faith in local engineer Sam Rohde to put the pieces together. What arrived a handful of months later was a powerful journey of songwriting and musicianship that is a joy to listen to from the rocking instrumental intro track to the soaring melodies of tracks like Eclipse and One in a Million.

Late 2012 saw the boys take the songs from ‘Falling Awake’ to the stage. Introducing new guitarist Dave Glavich to the band saw the group’s sound take on an even bigger and more powerful feel. November 2012 saw Shortfall launch their first single ‘Sometimes’ to a large and revved up crowd at Prahran’s ‘Revolver Upstairs’. The single was well received with people commenting on the harnessed aggression that makes the song so enjoyable to listen to.

Shortfall have been hitting the studio hard with the intentions of churning out more new music to bring to their live shows soon. 2013 sees many new and exciting things happening for this exciting band from Melbourne. They will be launching their EP close to Easter time and will be busting their guts to bring their hard work in the studio to audiences in venues all around Melbourne and hopefully beyond. After all their hard work in 2012 producing a rocking debut EP and hitting the stage for some killer live shows, 2013 promises to be the beginning of a whole new chapter for Shortfall.

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