Nadine Fenech

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Nadine Fenech

Nadine Fenech (born 25 October 1981) is a singer and hair stylist. She is originally from il-Birgu but now lives in il-Fgura.

She grew up in a musical environment and at the age of 5 started dancing in front of a large audience. Her parents introduced her to Latin American dancing, and when she was 12, she joined Aceline Dance And Singing Company.

Nadine Fenech

She always had a passion towards singing and often sang alone at home without having attended any vocal lessons. She feels it was all natural for her. Her weekend outings always included a visit to karaoke bars to gain experience. There she was noticed by someone who suggested she should go to England to sing in clubs and pubs. When she was 14 she took part in her first festival and won it.

In 2006 she started performing in various local parties with internationally acclaimed duo Tenishia. This two and a half years of experience was a big boost. In 2008 she won a competition to join with hip hop band Sixth Simfoni.

Nadine said It was another beautiful experience where we were brought to Ibiza to record an album and then we had several gigs. Currently Nadine forms part of the band Marmalja and in the coming days will have more interesting work. However hew wish is to participate in L-Għanja tal-Poplu.

In July 2016 Nadine for the first time took part in the L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2006 – (Festival Kanzunetta Maltija) with the song Il-Biża' u Jien lyricis by Rita Pace and composed by Pamela Bezzina. She passed from the Semi-Final held on Thursday 7 July, 2016 she passed for the Final Night held on Saturday 9 July, 2016 with this song, and he also get the ‘Best Interpretation’ Award.