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The MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners.

A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2008 was compiled by Toni Sant for his fifth annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2008 releases; Toni Sant has always admitted on his podcast and blog that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Here is the list of nominations for 2008.

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8 Ugly Sleeper Album
Aaron Benjamin Break the Silence Single
Access To Something About You Album
Ailas Town Single
Airport Impression Wake Up Online
Airstrip One Into the Silence [EP] Overseas
Alistair Galea Nowhere to Run Online
Amelia Blind Girl's Whisper Single
Andre Camilleri & the Broken He Australian [album] Overseas
B. Lee Until I Find My Way Online
Beangrowers Not In a Million Lovers Album
Beige Say Hey Single
Ben In Memory of You Online
Bitterside Underrated Album
Bitterside A Selfish Cry Video
Blind Saviour The Master Plan Album
Brian James Ectomorph EP
Brian Vassallo Angelique Beute Album
Brikkuni Kuntrabanda Album
Caligula Infidelity Overseas
Carra Gaia Overseas
Carrie Haber They Turned Me To Plastic Online
Chasing Pandora Two EP
Chasing Pandora Memories Video
Claudio Baglioni L-Aħħar Bidwi f'Wied il-Għasel Overseas
Colourblind Paper Planes Online
Cynic Pictures Skizzo Online
Cypher What Else Remains Online
Dayline There's Another Place Online
Dean Saviour Hallway of Kisses Online
DJ Lord Vampirick Tryin To Be Hard Online
Dominoes Love Maze Single
Dying Signals The Last Of A Dying Breed Album
Elyk Elymur Dismantle & Destory Album
Errol Sammut Affection Online
Eve Ransom Just The Way I Am + Paradox Single
Explicit Sunny Again Single
Ezzy Puzzle People Online
Fakawi Smart Song Single
Footprints Red Line Single
Fr Karm Debattista mssp Dance of Joy Album
Frank & Chris The Toad Song Video
Fraser Gregory Let It Rain Video
Freddie Portelli Viva it-Tewmin Album
Grimaud Aquaman Online
Grimaud All About You Video
HeartBeat Someway Someday Single
Hostile Hostage White Police Online
Hunters Palace The London Sessions Online
Improbus Atrum Bearing the Mark EP
Inner Grey If Symptoms Persist Album
Ira Losco Fortune Teller Album
Item The God The Slave The Machine EP
Jay P 1565 Patiently Waiting [album] Overseas
Jean Claude Vancell Heartbreaker Single
Joe Mizzi Falling Apart Overseas
jon lukas woodenman My Time + Far Away Overseas
Kristina Casolani & Toby Traces Single
Larski Feast of Avalon Online
Lustre Divine Fetish Online
Lyndsay Pace What You're Made Of Single
Malcolm Pisani & Black on White Promise Single
Manwel T. Umtha Welanga Dub (feat. Mind's Eye Dub) Online
Martyrium Awakening the Ancient Album
Metrokueen Insanity Single
Milk Mi Black Sheep Single
Milk Mi Black Sheep Video
Mind's Eye Dub I Wanna Love You Online
Mindstate Come With Me Single
Miriam Christine Alone Today Single
Miriam Christine Alone Today Video
Missfire Halfway Here [EP] Overseas
Muxu Beat My Drum Single
Muxu - Beat My Drum Video
Nicky Bomba Jah in the Moment [EP] Overseas
Niki Gravino Catwalk Baby Single
Niki Gravino Pieces (Toby's remix) Online
Nomad Son First Light Album
Norm Rejection Malta Not For Sale EP
nosnow/noalps Just Rock EP
Offset Collaborations Sweet Lips Online
Pamela Whispers Single
Particle Blue Dubbien Album
Pete Molinari Virtual Landslide Overseas
Prayer of the Dyin Ghastly Laments EP
Publik Waste Nobody Listens Single
Quicksand Hu Magħna Illum Online
Quicksand Hu Magħna Illum Video
Ray Buttigieg Maltese Rarities Overseas
Renee Cassar Forgot to Breathe Overseas
Richard Micallef Take a Minute Online
Riot Starting Block Overseas
Saħħar Maġija Sewda Album
Salt Jars of Clay Single
Sandro Zerafa 5tet White Russian Overseas
Sharleen Spiter Melody [album] Overseas
Shattered Pride Beneath Online
Shawn Ryan Insanity Online
Shilloo's Tree Breakfast Serial Single
Shilloo's Tree Fourteen Online
Silence Kills You No Button To Rewind Online
Silence Kills You No Button To Rewind Video
Skambomambo Made in Polska [album] Overseas
Sky of Yuggoth Three Seals of Masshu EP
Soul Kontakt Deliverance EP
South Central Golden Dawn Overseas
Spriggan Mist Konditions of Change EP
StarBunker Forecast EP
Stillborn Angel Single
Stone Joker Hero Single
Subculture Revolt Album
SubEgo Naming Trees Album
SubEgo The Naming Trees Album
SunSatION Not A Wonderful World Online
Sylvan Borg Walk Online
Symphonik Choir The Language of Music Single
Synthax & Chemicals Next To Hell Online
Tendency Charge Stages of Peripheral Diversity EP
The Areola Treat The Areola Treat EP
The Beangrowers Not In a Million Lovers Video
The Does Too Far Single
The Myth How Does It Feel Single
Thea Saliba Musilicious Single
Toby I'd Like To Know Single
Tom Caruana Is It Free? [EP] Overseas
Uncharted Another Day + The Dream Single
Vagabond Project Time of Your Life Single
Various Artists Purely Pop Compilation Album
Victoria Spiteri Every Time's the Last Time Overseas
Wax - Thoughts Video
Wayne Micallef Is Someone There Online
Weeping Silence End of An Era Album
Y4J In the House Single

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