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The annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners.


A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2019 was compiled by Toni Sant for his fourteenth annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2019 releases; Toni Sant has always maintained, through his podcast and blog, that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Here is the list of nominations for 2019.

Click on the link to the right to expand view or hide collapse the full sortable list of 2019 nominations and nominees :       
400PPM David Buckel Online
Abstrass Underground Online
Aidan The Feeling Video [non-Maltese language]
Aidan Zammit Exposed (album) Overseas
Airport Impressions Standing There Video [non-Maltese language]
Airport Impressions Faith Video [non-Maltese language]
Alexandra Alden Wild Honey & Thyme (album) Overseas
Align the Tide Bad Religion Album
Align the Tide Blacklist Video [non-Maltese language]
Amber That's Life Online
Amber Alive Video [non-Maltese language]
Avenue Sky Sieħbi fil-Cupboard tal-Kċina Video [Bil-Malti]
Bark Bark Disco Cockblock Video [non-Maltese language]
Beangrowers Dystopia Video [non-Maltese language]
Beesqueeze Lost at Sea Video [non-Maltese language]
Ben Miller Seen Video [non-Maltese language]
Berne Oceans Overseas
Bernie and Pod Nieqaf Ftit Video [Bil-Malti]
Bila Deheb, Inċens u Bila Album
Bila feat. Rea Belliegħa Video [Bil-Malti]
Brikkuni Alla Lliberani Video [Bil-Malti]
Brikkuni Aħfirli Missier Għax Se Nerġa' Video [Bil-Malti]
Bużu Żomm Nadif Video [Bil-Malti]
Chasing Mondays Iva Mela Le Overseas
Chellcy Reitsma Bad Love Overseas
Cherton I'm Back Video [non-Maltese language]
Claudia Faniello Fallin Video [non-Maltese language]
Clinton Paul Miraklu Video [Bil-Malti]
Corazon Mizzi Għall-Bejgħ Album
Dan If Only Online
Dan feat. Toby Looking for Tomorrow Video [non-Maltese language]
Danika Parasite Video [non-Maltese language]
Danjeli feat. Moviment Graffiti Tiżfnu għad-Daqqa Overseas
Dav.Jr She Video [non-Maltese language]
David and the Elites Minn Issa 'l-Hemm Video [Bil-Malti]
Davina Pace Cure Video [non-Maltese language]
Digby F'ismi (EP) Album
Digby Nirrima Video [Bil-Malti]
Digby Mhux Normali Video [Bil-Malti]
DiggerThings Them Voices Video [Bil-Malti]
Djun Ukoll Online
Djun Il-Ħlas Album
Dusk Towers of Greed Video [non-Maltese language]
Eddie Fresco Wake Me Up Video [non-Maltese language]
Elder Water Never Say No Online
Elena Stafrace Feathers in the Dirt Video [non-Maltese language]
Empire of Ants Architectonic Overseas
Enya Magri Safe Haven Video [non-Maltese language]
Eyes to Argus Microcosm Video [non-Maltese language]
Fiona Cauchi Red Scarf Video [non-Maltese language]
Fr Karm Debattista Oħloq Tbissima Video [Bil-Malti]
Fr Rob Galea Listen to the Spirit Overseas
Freddie Portelli Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej Video [Bil-Malti]
Funky Monkey feat. Katia Abela + Maria Ellul Let It Fly Video [non-Maltese language]
Gaia Cauchi Why Should I? Video [non-Maltese language]
Hooli Dak iż-Żmien Video [Bil-Malti]
Hunkpapa The Gamekeeper Overseas
Ian Bondin feat. Amber Żommni Video [Bil-Malti]
Il-Lapes feat. Nadine Merħba Malta Video [Bil-Malti]
Ir-Ras Ras El Hanout Video [Bil-Malti]
Ira Losco High Video [non-Maltese language]
Ira Losco Hey Now Video [non-Maltese language]
Ira Losco feat. Michela Pace Cannonball Video [non-Maltese language]
Ivan Grech Somebody Like You Video [non-Maltese language]
Janice Mangion Xewqti Video [Bil-Malti]
Jasmar Cassar I Love You So (In Memory of Warren Pop) Video [non-Maltese language]
Jasmar Cassar feat. Shyli Chained Video [non-Maltese language]
Jay Zinga Strangers in the Rain Online
Jessica Magro Fearless Video [non-Maltese language]
Kalakku feat. Kapitlu Tlettax Brija w Tgawdija l-Aħħar Party Online
Kalakku feat. Kapitlu Tlettax Spissjati Online
Karmaġenn Karmaġenn Album
Kapitlu Tlettax Ħalluni fil-Kwiet Online
Kapitlu Tlettax Għażiż Missier Online
Kapitlu Tlettax feat. Ir-Remm Malta Tagħna Video [Bil-Malti]
Kevin Paul IDWK Video [non-Maltese language]
Kevin Paul One Online
Kill the Action Anti-Gravity Video [non-Maltese language]
Kiyomi High Ladder Overseas
Krhyme Kull Fejn Tħares Online
Ksenia Butterflies Video [non-Maltese language]
Kurt Calleja Sweet Chilli Video [non-Maltese language]
Kurt Kind Figure It Out Video [non-Maltese language]
Leontine feat. Alex Vella Gregory Narak mill-Ġdid (L-Emigrant) Online
Letters To Amara It's Not Game Over Yet Overseas
Lighthouse What Did I Do Video [non-Maltese language]
Lokko Minn Fejn Jien Video [Bil-Malti]
Lokko Tnejn u Tletin Video [Bil-Malti]
Lucy's Last Luck Video [non-Maltese language]
Lucy's Last Goodbye Video [non-Maltese language]
Luke Chappell Losing Faith in Humanity Video [non-Maltese language]
Luke Chappell Head in the Clouds Video [non-Maltese language]
Luke Cheree & Noah Fabri 5 Songs for the Jilted (EP) Album
Lynne Jo Intoxicated Love Video [non-Maltese language]
Mark Lawrence Zammit Sess fuq PBS Video [Bil-Malti]
Marty Rivers Maltese Falcon Album
Marty Rivers Magnifico Mexico Video [non-Maltese language]
Marty Rivers Why Don't You Video [non-Maltese language]
Matthew Attard il-Kalakku Briju u Tgawdija Online
Matthew Attard il-Kalakku Ta' Malajr Online
Matthew James High Video [non-Maltese language]
Matthew James feat. Ray Mercieca Magazine Video [non-Maltese language]
Melchior Sultana Deeper Than It Sounds Album
Michela Agius In Your Head Video [non-Maltese language]
Michela Pace Chameleon Video [non-Maltese language]
Miriam Christine Mill-Għatba 'l Ġew Video [Bil-Malti]
Miriam Christine In A Woman's Heart (Pride Remix) Online
Miriam Christine Bi Ftit Kliem Video [Bil-Malti]
Miriam Christine Dil-Mara Album
Mistura Mhux Xorta Online
Mjaw Diski Għall-Ħmir Album
Mykill feat. Undine LaVerve Silicon Soul Video [non-Maltese language]
Nadine Letting Go Video [non-Maltese language]
Nadine Axisa Qalu Li Raw Online
Nadine Axisa Il-Ħoss tal-Għabex Album
Neon Culture feat. Eliza I Don't Know You Video [non-Maltese language]
Nicole Brincat feat. Manu G Por Favor Video [non-Maltese language]
ONE11 Pull Up Video [non-Maltese language]
Oxygyn Blindfold Online
Pebble Beach Patience Video [non-Maltese language]
Rea Kotba Video [Bil-Malti]
Rea X Funky Monkey Roulette Video [Bil-Malti]
Red Electrick Drive In Video [non-Maltese language]
Red Electrick New Day Video [non-Maltese language]
Red Electrick Tragic Optimistic Album
Remm Inception Video [Bil-Malti]
Remm Imperius Rex Online
Ir-Remm feat. Mandy Ibda Ġġieled Video [Bil-Malti]
Remm Antisuwiċidju Video [Bil-Malti]
Remm Progett Minghajr Isem Izda B'Kuncett Album
Renzo Spiteri feat. Erica Muscat Now Where Nowhere Online
RiSE Alive Video [non-Maltese language]
RiSE Suzi Video [non-Maltese language]
RiSE RiSE (EP) Album
Royals Day and Night Video [non-Maltese language]
Saħħar Qilla tal-Qrun Album
Sam Christie Anyone Else Isn't You Video [non-Maltese language]
Scar By the Way Video [non-Maltese language]
Sebastian Touch Online
Sebastian Calleja & Renato Qalu li Raw Video [Bil-Malti]
Sempliċiment tat-Triq Ħalluni fil-Kwiet Video [Bil-Malti]
Shyli Happy Days Online
Siconix Kulħadd Meqrud Video [Bil-Malti]
Simon Gravino I Still Need You Overseas
Stefan Galea Close to You Video [non-Maltese language]
SterjoTipi Mostri Video [Bil-Malti]
SterjoTipi Int u Jien Video [Bil-Malti]
SterjoTipi Ħajja ta' Xejn Video [Bil-Malti]
Superlove Dmugħ Overseas
Tact Nuance Video [non-Maltese language]
Talitha Dimech Wild Ones Overseas
The Alazobombs 1983 Online
The Clintess Chico Malo Video [non-Maltese language]
The Clintess The Clintess Album
The Crowns We're Gonna Video [non-Maltese language]
The Crowns Next In Line Album
The Ranch Party Island Online
The Royal High Jinx Steampunk Sunday Overseas
The Travellers Iljuni fis-Silġ Video [Bil-Malti]
The Travellers Ersaq fil-Qrib Video [Bil-Malti]
The Velts Breastfeed Video [non-Maltese language]
The Violent Violets Jade Album
Toby feat. Matthew James Don't Let the Sun Go Down Video [non-Maltese language]
Until Rain Season V (album) Overseas
Warren Galea The Odyssey Album
Yews Me & My Sea Online
Yews Orqod Video [Bil-Malti]
Zac Silence Video [non-Maltese language]

Top Picks

Voting was open throughout the month of January 2020 at where votes were submitted across the following categories:

Top Album / EP
Top Music Video (bil-Malti)
Top Music Video (non-Maltese language)
Top Online Release
Top Overseas-based Artist

The top 5 vote receivers in each category will be indicated below, when the voting ends.

Top Album / EP

Top Music Video [bil-Malti]

Top Music Video [non-Maltese language]

Top Online Release

Top Overseas-based

The Crowd Signal service is used for voting on this poll.

Voting was open throughout the month of January 2020 at

Results were be announced in February 2019 through the Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast.

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