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Clinton Paul

Clinton Paul (born 20 February 1983) is a electronic pop singer-songwriter from Malta.

Early career

He began his career writing songs for other singers to compete in various festivals including Malta Song for Europe, Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Malta International Hit Song Contest, Fl-Għaqda l-Melodija, L-Għanja tal-Maltin, Roma Music Festival, and Universong Canary Islands International Song Festival among others.

From 2010 he began singing some of his own songs and achieved national attention with Badass Soldier. That same year he also released Madhouse, which had a video produced by iSPY Media Production House just like Badass Soldier, and the Maltese language song Superman.

I Know Who I Am Now

December 19th 2011 saw the release of Clinton Paul's first album, entitled I Know Who I Am Now. Six singles were released from this album, namely Rebellion, RRR, Robot, Hey Mr. Mickey Mouse, Fake and Fashionista. This album was recorded at Freetime Productions (Malta) and mastered by Tube Mastering (London).

The single Robot entered Anthony D'Amato's Top 100 at number 94, climbing to 81. The album I Know Who I Am Now peaked at number 5 in its first week of sales at D'Amato Record Shop in Valletta.


On 19 June 2013 he released his second studio album, Unbreakable, both as a CD available through D'Amato Record Shop in Valletta and a digital download from iTunes and other mainstream online sources. This album was produced between August 2012 and May 2013 and features 10 tracks.

Clinton Paul

Fashionista, the sixth single from the I Know Who I Am Now was released on 4 May 2012, but by this time he was already working on the second album. Blackout, the first single from Thursday 19 September 2012. This song introduced a new sound in his repertoire: Dubstep. Swedish blogger Bjorn Nordlund reviewed Blackout stating that it takes him to the time when the synthesizer ruled the music scene and the future of pop was electronic.

While working on the album, he also released I Love Christmas Eve on Saturday 1 December 2012. This song was released through an interactive calendar called December Interactive.

On 20 February 2013, Clinton Paul released the next two singles in preparation for his second album: Birthday and Amazing. Both songs received local radio airplay, as well as on Melbourne's Radio 3ZZZ and ScatterRadio.

July 7 2013, Clinton Paul released Dance With The Enemy which to date is the most popular track on this album. It's Music Video premiered in Malta on 30 December 2013 and attracted a lot of attention due to its fun and unique style.

The next single off Unbreakable was Supersonic Shockwave released on iTunes October 16, 2013. The song also had a Music Video to it and this was released on Valentine's Day February 14 2014.

Stronger - the only ballad on Unbreakable - was decided to be released as a single in Summer 2014. The Music Video premiered July 26 2014.

Promotional videos

Most of his songs have promotional music videos. These have been produced by Evolution Media since the release of Robot. These have endeared him to a sizable audience, particularly through YouTube.

On 8 May 2013, Clinton Paul released a video for Blackout. This was his seventh music video. A video for the song Amazing, his eighth, was released on Saturday 22 June 2013. This video was filmed at San Antonio Hotel & Spa the previous month.


2014 saw the return of Clinton Paul in the prestigious Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. Two of his songs got selected as semi-finalists. These were Vagabond sung by Josef Tabone and Passaġġ sung by Kurt Galea.



I Know Who I Am Now (2011) Released 19th Dicember, 2011.

  • 01. Rebellion [3.09]
  • 02. Robot [3.40]
  • 03. Mr.Vanity [3.32]
  • 04. Fashionista [3.22]
  • 05. Let's Get Down [3.15]
  • 06. Set The Record Straight [3.13]
  • 07. Hey Mr. Mickey Mouse [2.56]
  • 08. I Need My Drink [3.11]
  • 09. Chocolate Kisses [3.20]
  • 10. Fake [3.18]
  • 11. I know Who I Am Now [3.19]
  • 12. Indigo [3.15]
  • 13. Deserado [3.06]
  • 14. RRR [3.57]

Unbreakable (2013) Released 19th June 2013

  • 01. Blackout
  • 02. Birthday
  • 03. Mona Lisa
  • 04. Off Da Hook
  • 05. Stronger
  • 06. Boyz Will Be Boyz, Girlz Will Be Girlz
  • 07. Dance With The Enemy
  • 08. Supersonic Shockwave
  • 09. Amazing
  • 10. Killer


  • Rebellion (2011)
  • RRR (.2011)
  • Robot (2011)
  • Hey Mr. Mickey Mouse (2011)
  • Fake (2011)
  • Fashionista (2012)
  • Blackout (2012)
  • Birthday (2013)
  • Amazing (2013)
  • Dance With The Enemy (2013)
  • Supersonic Shockwave (2013)
  • Stronger (2014)

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