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Stefan Galea

Stefan Galea (born 28 March 1996) is a Maltese singer and current teenage model personality.

He has worked with various international songwriters and producers from around the globe including the UK, US, Malta, and the EU, having had writers who wrote for American Idol Rewind[1] Elizabeth Elias [2](Camp Rock), Dr.90210, and MTV’s Jersey Shore,[3] Stefan has had 3 singles which went to number 1 in Malta having received airplay on all Maltese radio stations.[4]

In May 2011 he became a supporting act at Ira Losco's[5] concert aimed towards an anti bullying campaign, and in March 2011 he supported the cheeky girls.[6] Stefan has also performed with 80’s rock band, guitarist Andy Barnett [7] who is also songwriter to 80’s pop group, Visage - appearing at The Farsons Great Beer Festival 2011.

His debut single “Take It Or Leave It” written by British songwriter/producer Richard Rogers and lyrics by his mother Elizabeth Galea, managed to get the number 1 spot in the Reverb Chart and stayed their for 8 weeks. The track also reached the number 1 spot and continued to gain and enjoy more radio airplay and TV performances.

Stefan got big exposure as soon as he debuted at The Malta Junior Eurovision Festival 2009 stage with his trribal up tempo track “Shake Up Wake Up” a song about teens living their dreams, which got a very good considerable number of hits on You Tube. After Stefan was discovered by Aiming 4 Fame founder Madeleine Dargue, an organisation which develops artists in collaboration with ICAD International so as to get the right songs, right image, and vocal abilities, as well as finding gigs and opportunities for the artist.

He is currently working on new tracks and is looking to release his debut album “My Evolution”. Another achievement gained is when he got nominated for The Peoples Music Awards as Best Male Solo Artist and Best Dance Electronica Artist. Stefan also supported top acts performing at their concerts/gigs including the UK’s top pop girl duo “The Cheeky Girls” and Malta’s rock jewel chick Ira Losco. Stefan also forms part of The HSBC Joseph Calleja Choir.

At his young age Stefan participated in various festivals and won, while also performing on various TV shows, and recently he made it to the semi finals of The ISC International Songwriting Competition 2010 (USA) beating thousands of applicants judged by various music industry movers and shakers including Kings Of Leon, Rihanna, Robbie Williams, people from VH1 and MTV also people form Walt Disney Records, Sony and various labels. Stefan also placed second in You Tube’s Got Talent 2010, while also having the opportunity to study for 7 years at The Masquerade Theater arts school which consists of Drama, Music & Dancing, which led Stefan to get a role in a Maltese movie “Qatt M’ Hu Tard” directed by Elio Lombardi. While also performing in front of Italian Ambasador Onor. Andrea Trabalza in 2008.

Stefan is working with top international established songwriters from the UK, US, and Australia, and Europe who have worked with the likes of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and many more thanks to Aiming 4 Fame (Madeleine Dargue) and Ms. Lotte Aagaard from T.G. Publishing Denmark. Stefan is managing to juggle school and music as well as guitar studies, and the producing area with Cool Bro Sound, and hosting a web televised show Aiming 4 Fame TV, In the meantime watch out for more.

Malta to Midem

He was also being featured in Aiming 4 Fame’s [8] International Malta to Midem CD at the largest music industry tradefair in Cannes France.

Junior Eurovision

Stefan competed in the Malta Junior Eurosong final in 2009 with the song Shake Up Wake Up among 19 other young singers who made it to the final from 66 submissions.



  • Take It Or Leave It (2010)
  • The Fittest Girl In History (2011)
  • Can't Wait (2011)


My Evolution Vol 1


  • 2005-Trinity Guild Hall Certificate
  • 2006-Trinity Guild Hall Certificate
  • 2007-Rising voice Award
  • 2008-Best Singer Personality - New voices productions

Charted Singles

Year Title Chart positions
Reverb Singles Chart Malta
2011 "The Fittest Girl In History"  100[9]

Stefan has also placed 44 on the iTunes top 200 Maltese chart with his debut single Take It Or Leave It

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