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Ira Losco is a singer from Sliema, Malta. Born on 31st July, 1982. From the early beging Ira had singing in his heart and she always their singing in their school prize day.

In the beginging of her career she took part in serveral Festivals every with Maltese language songs like Fejn Staħbejtli, Tħallinix,Blanzun Miksur and hawn Jien jekk Tridni, besides that she was a resedent singer on the famous tv programm "Tista tkun It" which always sing the opening song, and some others during the programm.

In 2000 Ira took part in a Musical named Rita ta' Cascia with Ray Mahoney lyrics and music by Mark Spiteri Lucas where she played the main part of Rita in this Musical.

And in 2002 she win the Malta Song For Europe 2002 with the song 7th Wonder music by Philip Vella and lyrics by Gerard James Borg which in the Eurovision Song Festival finished in the 2nd Place.

You don’t have to be a Fortune Teller to predict success for the energetic young singer/songwriter Ira Losco. The little girl with a huskiness to her voice which gives away the harshness of what life has thrown at her and at times the vulnerability which soothes your soul.

This is the contradiction, which is Ira Losco. Fortune Teller is all that” says Ira “I’m a diplomatic person, however my diplomacy takes a back seat when I’m writing my music, that’s where there are no boundaries and I bare my soul completely.”

“Fortune Teller” was released last June and boasts 4 number 1 singles, namely, Something to Talk About performed to a crowd of 40,000 in her own country at the Isle of MTV, where she shared the stage with chart toppers, Maroon 5 and Akon. Idle Motion, the reflection of the dark soul which lurks beneath, The pumping Down Look Down and Shoulders of Giants the acoustic fragile sounds of Ira writing about the broken youth of today.

“Sometimes I feel like I shed my skin every time I write a new record. I have developed a thick outer shell and I’m aware of what surrounds me, but at the same time I do let my guard down sometimes. Music is the one thing I can do without walking cautiously on that fine line, life presents you with. [[[Fortune Teller]] was a nasty curve on a highway, but with a magnificent destination in the distance. It was me taking a direction which pulls me closer to my alternative roots.”

It’s the inability to sit and watch the world go by without doing something creative, her constant hunger for performance and incessant love for music, which makes this young talented singer/songwriter convince you that she’s dead serious about her music, and is not afraid of getting hurt in pursue living her dream.

The music industry today has seen the rise and fall of many saccharine sweet or watered down manufactured artists, but if there ever was a shadow of a doubt lingering in your mind that Ira Losco fits that stereotype, it’s quickly wiped away the minute she takes the stage, delivering a powerful set of songs she’s written on just about.

“This new record is sending out a every single experience I have been through or I see going on in this world which is far from Euphoric. There are moments where I like to be part of the audience, watching and perceiving the world from different angles. There are others where I like to be the lab rat, the perceived, the one who has to endure what comes my way, and write about it. It’s therapeutic.”

Already the best selling artist in her country for 3 consecutive years, Ira Losco is a great success story in Malta, having released 3 number 1 albums, a string of number 1 singles and winning every conceivable award from ‘Image Icon’ to ‘Best Single’ and ‘Best Artist.’ She has developed into a complete artist with a great sex appeal, a powerful and distinct voice, a great live performer, songwriter and can also play piano and guitar. Undoubtedly though, her unique selling point is definitely her magnetic Charisma which attracts a lot of people towards her and gives her the ‘star’ trademark.

In April 2004, Ira Losco’s burning ambition to share her music with a wider audience, led her to sign to Seven Days Music, after Jack White, responsible for 500 million world wide sales, heard Ira’s first album ‘Someone Else’. Since then she has performed around all Germany, in front of audiences reaching 25,000 to 80,000, playing main support to well re-knowned international acts such as Elton John, Katie Melua, Mel C, Ronan Keating, Bob Geldof Simple Minds and alongside Germany’s chart Toppers, Sohne Mannheims, Silbermond, Nena, US5, and others. These concerts were secured by no other than Peter Reiger who has shown full faith in Ira Losco after just witnessing one concert with Katie Melua.

“Whenever I step outside these shores it gives me a rush of adrenalin. My country can be stifling at times, touring has been an incredible experience. It has given me unbelievable confidence, tough skin and an insatiable hunger for success! I also feel I’ve taken my performing and song writing skills further.”

Ira Losco has recorded 3 studio albums to date. Working with Howard Keith, who recorded, produced and mixed all her material has beena clear recipe towards success. He has worked with acts such as (Multi platinum) Rammstein, (cult) Philip Boa, (Grammy winner) Carlos Bonel and many others. Ira has also collaborated with top American and Swedish song writers including Dead Mono and Mute 8. Her previous album “Accident Prone” was a local sales chart topper, still keeping its top 10 placing till this day! It’s seven singles all shot to top 5 radio charts, with ‘Driving One of Your Cars’ winning Best Single for the 2006 Bay Music Awards. Ira Losco keeps impressing her audiences, recently scooping up 3 awards, including Best Solo Artist and The Viewers’ Choice Awards at this year Music Awards is a valid proof of that.

“I am always ready to learn and delve deeper into my soul to discover more things about myself and about music, only to emerge with something which somehow affects me and others when I perform or write a record.” This is evident in her acoustic album ‘Unmasked’. A first of its kind in the local market, the idea developed after Ira Losco performed support to Katie Melua last summer. The audiences were so moved by her performance and reviews were so impressive, with one particular review by Rhine Magazine in the U.K. quoting “Losco was certainly way above average as a support artist” that it was only natural to record this album.

In fact this collection of songs features unique arrangements of some 80s classics, an intimate rendition of some of her best singles to date, and original tracks, which gave a new dimension to her audience. Speaking about the title of the album Ira explained “The whole concept was to allow the instruments and voice to take prominence in this record. I wanted to really explore my voice and its different tones. I wanted to ‘shock’ people again come up with something so intimate they wouldn’t expect it. I’ve always been the kind to prefer people to either Love me or hate me, if people are indifferent, that means nothing to me” With The new record “Fortune Teller” Ira has definitely given her seal of approval This ‘in-your-face’ attitude and her approachable nature, makes Ira Losco so infectiously appealing to her undying, growing fan base as her official website boasts a staggering 165,000 hits to date in just 6 months. “I believe it is important for me to give something back to the people who continuously believe in my music and are so loyal to me. I post messages on my site everyday and that keeps my relationship with those who support me alive.” Besides having an official web site there are more than 12 other unofficial sites which gives a clear indication of how loyal her fans really are.

With nearly 7,000 registered fans in her fan club and her positive outlook, Ira Losco is one girl who’s definitely Prone to more success to come!!


Hi-Infidelity (with Tiara) Released Summer 1998 (Malta)

  • 01. Riverman [4:30]
  • 02. Teenage In Love [3:29]
  • 03. Basketball [2:40]
  • 04. Some People [3:33]
  • 05. Basketball (live at Red TV) [2:49]

Butterfly (2001) Released: November 2001 (Malta)

  • 01. Butterfly (with Jon IQ) [4:01]
  • 02. Don't Give Up [3:04]
  • 03. Spellbound [3:01]
  • 04. Shine [2:58]
  • 05. Summerbreeze [3:11]
  • 06. Deep inside my heart [3:07]
  • 07. Falling In Love [3:00]
  • 08. Symbol [3:35]
  • 09. We'll Ride The Wind [3:05]
  • 10. Tħallinix [3:27]
  • 11. Fejn Staħbejtli [3:25]
  • 12. Blanzun Miksur [3:40]
  • 13. Hawn Jien Jekk Tridni [3:33]

Someone Else (2004) Released: April 2004 (Malta)

  • 01. Day By Day [4:03]
  • 02. Love Me Or Hate Me [4:03]
  • 03. Someone Else [4:28]
  • 04. Say Hey [3:31]
  • 05. Rocket To Venus [4:00]
  • 06. Not About You [3:57]
  • 07. Must've Been Good [3:34]
  • 08. Who I Am [4:08]
  • 09. I'm In Love Again [3:50]
  • 10. She [3:44]
  • 11. If You Say [4:25]
  • 12. So Alive [3:59]

Accident Phone (2005) Released: November 16, 2005 (Malta)

  • 01. Not Anymore [4:11]
  • 02. Everyday [3:55]
  • 03. You [3:33]
  • 04. Don't Wanna Talk About It [4:34]
  • 05. Uh-Oh [4:00]
  • 06. My Life [4:19]
  • 07. Ordinary Girl [3:16]
  • 08. Let It Go [4:09]
  • 09. Driving One Of Your Cars [3:57]
  • 10. Accident Prone [3:42]
  • 11. Waking Up To The Light [4:09]
  • 12. Get Out! [3:51]

Blends & Remixes Of Someone Else (2005) Released: January 2005 (Malta)

  • 01. Must've Been Good - REN-D & Simon Pisani
  • 02. Who I Am - Duo Blank
  • 03. Day by Day - Joseph Armani
  • 04. Someone Else - Leftplay
  • 05. Say Hey - Toby
  • 06. So Alive - Tsezar
  • 07. I'm In Love Again - Miss Roberta & Glenn Frantz
  • 08. Day by Day - Alvin Gee
  • 09. Someone Else - Junior B
  • 10. Who I Am - Spooky Monkey
  • 11. If You Say - Duo Blank
  • 12. Day by Day - Hooligan
  • 13. Love Me or Hate Me - DJ Ruby & Mark U-Bahn
  • 14. She - Woody AKI & Owen Jay

Unmasked (2006) December 6, 2006 (Malta)

  • 01. Winter Day [3:17]
  • 02. Driving One Of Your Cars (acoustic) [4:24]
  • 03. Time After Time [4:26]
  • 04. Love Me Or Hate Me (acoustic) [3:22]
  • 05. Don't Wanna Talk About It (acoustic) [4:32]
  • 06. Accident Prone (acoustic) [4:10]
  • 07. Bedsitter [3:26]
  • 08. Lovesong [3:47]
  • 09. Get Out! (acoustic) [3:48]
  • 10. Arms of The Ones ... [3:22]

Fortune Teller (2008) Released: 11 June 2008 (Malta)

  • 01. Fortune Teller
  • 02. Something To Talk About
  • 03. What's The Matter With You
  • 04. Idle Motion
  • 05. Elvis Can You Hear Me?
  • 06. Promises
  • 07. Shoulders of Giants
  • 08. Don't Look Down
  • 09. Losing Streak
  • 10. No More
  • 11. Universe
  • 12. Killing Time
  • 13. Your Ways
  • 14. Gipsy Girl

Fire(2013) Released 20 March 2013

  • 01. The Way It's Meant to Be [4:00]
  • 02. What I'd Give [3:45]
  • 03. Is This the Love? [3:37]
  • 04. Waiting [4:21]
  • 05. Shouldn't Have to Bother [4:10]
  • 06. You Never Tried [3:57]
  • 07. Me Luv U Long Time [4:09]
  • 08. Not for Me [3:41]
  • 09. Dead or Alive [4:08]
  • 10. The Person I Am [4:17]
  • 11. The Fire [4:37]


  • Butterfly (2001)
  • Someone Else (2004)
  • Accident Phone (2005)
  • Blends & Remixes Of Someone Else (2005)
  • Unmasked (2006)
  • Fortune Teller (2008)
  • Fire (2013)


  • 1998: "Basketball" (with Tiara)
  • 2001: "Teleort Me" (with Tiara)
  • 2000: "Shine" - For Malta Song For Europe 2000
  • 2000: "Falling In Love" - For Malta Song For Europe 2000
  • 2001: "Spellbound" - For Malta Song For Europe 2001
  • 2001: "Don’t Give Up" - For Malta Song For Europe 2001
  • 2001: "We’ll Tide The Wind" - For Malta Song For Europe 2001
  • 2001: "Deep Inside My Heart" - For Malta Song For Europe 2001
  • 2001: "Butterfly"
  • 2001: "Summer Breeze"
  • 2001: "Fejn Staħbejtli" - For Konkors Kanżunetta Indipendenża
  • 2002: "Imhabba Projbita" 2002 (Ipokriti Soundtrack)
  • 2002: "7th. Wonder - 2002 Eurovision Song Festival (2nd Place)
  • 2003: "Reaching Higher" Games of the Small States of Europe Malta 2003
  • 2003: "Love Me Or Hate Me"
  • 2003: "Who I Am"
  • 2004: "Someone Else"
  • 2004: "Say Hey"
  • 2004: "I’m In Love Again"
  • 2004: "Must’ve Been Good"
  • 2005: "Everyday"
  • 2005: "Get Out"
  • 2006: "Don't Wanna Talk About It"
  • 2006: "Driving One Of Your Cars"
  • 2006: "Accident Prone"
  • 2006: "Uh-Oh"
  • 2006: "Waking Up To The Light"
  • 2006: "Winter Day"
  • 2006: "Arms Of The Ones... "
  • 2007: "Something To Talk About" (Released: 10 September 2007)
  • 2007: "Don't Look Down" (Released in December 2007)
  • 2008: "Idle Motion" (Released: April 2008)
  • 2008: "Promises" (Released: May 2008)
  • 2008: "Elvis Can You Hear Me? " (Released: August 2008)

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