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Krishna is an instrumental heavy music duo from Malta, which consists of Liam Formosa on drums and Timothy Garrett on bass and guitar. Krishna’s sound is very much indefinable, however, in musical terms, channels such styles and techniques of stoner, drone, doom, post-metal, post-rock, ambient, as well as a host of other genres.

Krishna released their debut album, Seeker of Light, on the Friday 8th July 2016 at Electro Lobster Project with support from Eyes to Argus.

Krishna have also released three live albums; DOMINATION1: Live at Razzett l​-​Aħmar, 3​/​8​/​2014, DOMINATION2: Live at Remedy, 27​/​​12​/​​2014 and DOMINATION3: Live Selections from February 2015.

Krishna on Bandcamp Krishna on Facebook