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The annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners.


A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2018 was compiled by Toni Sant for his thirteenth annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2018 releases; Toni Sant has always maintained, through his podcast and blog, that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Here is the list of nominations for 2018.

Click on the link to the right to view/hide the full sortable list of 2018 nominees :
215Collective What You Want Video [non-Maltese language]
A Broken Design In Pieces Video [non-Maltese language]
Abysmal Torment The Misanthrope Album
Achilles Caestus feat. Sonic J Storja fil-Memorja Video [Bil-Malti]
Acidulant House Music on a Public Holiday Online
Airport Impressions Ivy Video [non-Maltese language]
Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus Liber III Codex Templarum Album
Alexandra Alden Keep Floating Overseas
Amber Dance the Night Away Online
Amber Power Video [non-Maltese language]
Amber & Maryrose Mallia Tikfiriet Video [Bil-Malti]
Amy Jade Mizzi Not Today Video [non-Maltese language]
Andre Camilleri Big Old Sun Overseas
Angelcrypt The Black Hand Video [non-Maltese language]
Anidroc So Far Video [non-Maltese language]
Anthea Alicia Ġmiel ta' Beltna Video [Bil-Malti]
Ascendor Disturb the Dust Album
Auntie's Yellow Sofa Lights Online
Auntie's Yellow Sofa Hola Video [non-Maltese language]
Bahjat Do You Remember Me Overseas
Bark Bark Disco Holy Smokes Album
Bark Bark Disco Big Love Video [non-Maltese language]
Bark Bark Disco Never Let You Down Video [non-Maltese language]
Beangrowers Love, You Can Never Give Up Video [non-Maltese language]
Beesqueeze Mistake Video [non-Maltese language]
Bernie and Pod Qum, Dur u Iżfen Video [Bil-Malti]
Bila Bestjarju EP
Bila Gaw Gaw Online
Bila Do What I Want Video [non-Maltese language]
Braden Sultana Passat Video [Bil-Malti]
Caravana Sun Beauty & the Pain Overseas
Carlo Gerada feat. Klinsmann Taking Turns Online
Caro Waves Video [non-Maltese language]
Charles Muscat il-Paletti Newel Tazza Inbid Online
Charlton Mintoff Xi Ħaġa Ġdida Online
Chase Yesterday feat. Shauna Remember Online
Chellcy Reitsma Vixen Video [non-Maltese language]
Chizil Chizel (EP) EP
Clinton Paul Diamond Video [non-Maltese language]
Clinton Paul La Copa Video [non-Maltese language]
Clinton Paul White Room Video [non-Maltese language]
Cryptic Street Titty Monster Album
Cryptic Street Let's Go Suki Video [non-Maltese language]
Daniel Muscat Caruana Yours Video [non-Maltese language]
Dav.Jr Home Online
David Cauchi Viaje al Paraíso Video [non-Maltese language]
Debbie Scerri Vaishanv Jan To Online
Decline the Fall Composing Madness Video [non-Maltese language]
Digby F'Isem Pajjiżi Video [Bil-Malti]
DiggerThings DiggerThings Video [non-Maltese language]
Dominic Galea Ħanina Maddalena Album
Dusk Relativity Online
Eddie Fresco Disrespect Video [non-Maltese language]
Eddie Fresco WYA? Video [non-Maltese language]
Elder Water feat. Andrè Portelli Gone Video [non-Maltese language]
Empire of the Ants The Watchmen Overseas
Etnika feat. Joss Stone Maddalena Online
Eyes to Argus Circling Online
Fatima & Mabrouka Kingdom Video [non-Maltese language]
Festen Inside Stanley Kubrick Overseas
FishCult feat. Ġenio l-Majċa Għajjejt Nisma' Video [Bil-Malti]
Flash Cart S2018 Online
Fuzzhoneys Candy Video [non-Maltese language]
Fuzzhoneys Lovejuice Album
Gabrielle Portelli Overwhelmed Video [non-Maltese language]
Ħams Tinqered bil-Fish Video [Bil-Malti]
Ħams feat. Bużu Ġejja Online
Ħams Nitbiegħet Video [Bil-Malti]
Hayley Azzopardi Bla Bolla u Bla Timbru Video [Bil-Malti]
Hearts Beating in Time V2 Video [non-Maltese language]
Hooli Mument tas-Skiet Video [Bil-Malti]
Ħoss L-Irdum Online
Hunkpapa This Love (Lubay Mix) Overseas
Hunting Cain The Only Tried and True Video [non-Maltese language]
Hunting Cain The Last Fandango Album
Il-Lapes Freestyle (2018) Online
Il-Lapes feat. Nadine Mela Tlaqna! Video [Bil-Malti]
Ir-Remm Dear God Video [Bil-Malti]
Ira Losco No Sinner No Saint Album
Ira Losco One in a Million Video [non-Maltese language]
Ira Losco Bad Habits Video [non-Maltese language]
Isaac Mercieca I Never Knew Video [non-Maltese language]
Jaccuzzi Masterpiece Harmonic Supersonic Rhythmic Transformation Overseas
Janice Mangion Warda Video [Bil-Malti]
Jay Minor feat. Mehdi They Run Video [non-Maltese language]
Joseph Azzopardi Let Me In Video [non-Maltese language]
Kapitlu Tlettax Ċaqlaq Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax Tixtieq Tmissna Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax Għidli Għaliex Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax Il-Ħbieb Sal-Bieb Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax feat. Hooli Tippruvax Video [Bil-Malti]
Karl Abela Floyd Rock Video [Bil-Malti]
Kayati Keep Follow Me Online
Kaylie, Kym & Cain Be With You Video [non-Maltese language]
Kelsey Farrugia While He Remembers Me Video [non-Maltese language]
Kenneth Calleja This Time Video [non-Maltese language]
Kenneth Calleja Living in a Song (EP) EP
Kill the Action Fat Boy Online
Kill the Action Falling Video [non-Maltese language]
KNTRL Stay Closer EP
Kurt Kind Saturdays Online
Kylie Coleiro Love Me Down Online
Larksi Gravitational Wave Online
Lucy's Last Notion Video [non-Maltese language]
Lulù Agius Melodija ta' Mħabba Video [Bil-Malti]
ManaTapu Mur Imma Mur Video [Bil-Malti]
ManaTapu Vivre Libèrè Video [non-Maltese language]
ManaTapu Tuatara Album
Manwel T Ascension Online
Maria Spiteri Here I Stand Video [non-Maltese language]
Marilena Higher Video [non-Maltese language]
Martin Harich Remember me Overseas
Maryann Camilleri Dennison Look to the Sea Overseas
Maryrose Mallia Maryrose Mallia Album
Maryrose Mallia Forever Young Online
Matthew James Lemonade Video [non-Maltese language]
Matthew James Memories Video [non-Maltese language]
Maxine Pace Earthquake Video [non-Maltese language]
Melchior Sulana Definition (EP) + Timeless (EP) EP
Mistura Regħbus Album
Mistura Tuna Isimkom Online
Monica Said Anamika' Video [Bil-Malti]
Monroe Untouchable Overseas
Nicole Hammett Start Over Video [non-Maltese language]
Odessa Green Lost Video [non-Maltese language]
ONE11 Alone Online
ONE11 Black Video [non-Maltese language]
Ozzy Lino Patience Video [non-Maltese language]
Philein Fish Heart Hook Album
Philein Roundness Online
Pupi tal-Logħob Tal-Ewwel u tal-Aħħar (EP) EP
Purple Haze Time Machine Video [non-Maltese language]
Rea Nieklu n-Natura Video [Bil-Malti]
Red Electrick G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Online
Red Electrick Right Here Video [non-Maltese language]
Relikc The Funk Park Video [non-Maltese language]
Richard Micallef Benjamin Online
Robert Farrugia Almost There Album
Robert G I Can Change Video [non-Maltese language]
Robert G It's How We Grow Video [non-Maltese language]
Royals About You Online
Royals Everything Video [non-Maltese language]
Saħħar Wirt Misħut Album
Sam Christie Meet Me At Spoon’s Album
Sandrina Breathe Video [non-Maltese language]
Sean Quincy Ride or Die Online
Sebastian Calleja Triq Waħda Video [Bil-Malti]
Shedona feat. Gaia & Kevin Paul Lately Video [non-Maltese language]
Shyli Min Jien? Video [Bil-Malti]
Sterjotipi Sema Online
SterjoTipi Tabib Video [Bil-Malti]
SterjoTipi Belti Video [Bil-Malti]
Super Sponge Trio Quack! Album
Tact Kick Video [non-Maltese language]
Talitha Home Overseas
Tash Sultana Free Mind Overseas
The Busker Cadillac Video [non-Maltese language]
The Busker Ladies and Gentlemen Album
The Busker Surfin' Up Video [non-Maltese language]
The Crowns Paint the Sky Video [non-Maltese language]
The New Victorians Silence EP
The New Victorians Silence Trilogy Video [non-Maltese language]
The PlaKard Project Jump the Fence Album
The PlaKard Project Chili Love Online
The Ranch Home Video [non-Maltese language]
The Tailors Something Happened Online
The Travellers Tpenġijiet Video [Bil-Malti]
The Travellers Iljuni fis-Silġ Album
The Travellers Umani Online
The Travellers Lkoll Flimkien Video [Bil-Malti]
The Velts Alphabeth Album
The Velts Rollercoaster Online
The Voyage How I Feel Online
Toby feat. Matthew Anthony Somebody Like You Video [non-Maltese language]
Tribali Raba' Album
Tribali Sitarcika Video [Bil-Malti]
Viper Soup Complex Red Fugue Album
Walrus and the Carpenter Home (Waiting for the News) Overseas
WER1 Aħfirli Jekk Trid Video [Bil-Malti]
William Mangion Temptation is a Master Online
X-Tend Aħna l-Maltin u Ħutna l-Għawdxin Album
X-Tend Il-Kċina Maltija Video [Bil-Malti]
X-Vandals 35 Years of Metal: 1983 - 2018 Album
Xarulù Funkanoodle Video [non-Maltese language]

Top Picks

Voting was open throughout the month of January 2019 at where a total of 2,098 votes were submitted across the following categories:

Top Album / EP
Top Music Video (bil-Malti)
Top Music Video (non-Maltese language)
Top Online Release
Top Overseas-based Artist

The top 5 vote receivers in each category will be indicated below, when the voting ends.

Top Album / EP

432 votes were received in this category.

Top Music Video [bil-Malti]

960 votes were received in this category

Top Music Video [non-Maltese language]

467 votes were received in this category.

Top Online Release

449 votes were received in this category.

Top Overseas-based

375 votes were received in this category.

The Opinion Stage plug-in was used for voting on this poll. The interface was designed by QUE Design Studio.

Voting was open throughout the month of January 2019 at

Results were be announced on 2 February 2018 through the Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast.

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