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Melchior Sultana (born 24 June 1986) is a composer and multi instrumentalist from Malta.

Growing up in an atmosphere of rich traditions, culture and arts in the middle of the Mediterranean can deeply sculpt a spirit.

Everything started by understanding the various forms of sound. This interest in "sounds" gradually led to experiences, study, knowledge and to an ongoing evolution of an artist. Melchior Sultana studied Art in his first years till the teenage ages.

His experiences and knowledge through out his musical career led to the believe that music is a form of art that needs to remain pure. this means that music and art in general should reflect one's true inner voice and artistic execution and not be infected by non-artistic entities. This philosophy was carried out and is being practiced through out his music.

As a multi instrumentalist playing Guitar, Piano and Bass, Melchior Sultana is involved in various projects from classical to contemporary to Live band and electronic music productions.

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