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Jessika Muscat

Jessica Muscat (born 27 February 1989) is a Maltese singer, dancer and songwriter.

Born and raised in Mosta, Malta. Her parents are Joan Muscat (nee Farrugia), and Francis Muscat an IT Manager, as well managing Jessica’s music career. Jessica is the youngest in the family and has two siblings Claudio and Jeanette respectively.

Jessica attended dance classes mainly Hip Hop for some years. She performed in her local Baptist church choir Shalom and in the meantime she undertook voice lessons with Phyllisienne Brincat. She also started studying the piano at a young age and reached grade 8. She also participated in a number of recitals as a pianist. Through the past nine years Jessica has taken part in various musicals and pantomimes. At the age of six, Jessica participated in the first ever song festival with her song ll‘Radju Rosa’]], which placed second place. From then onwards she took part and won in different festivals organized in the Maltese islands.

In September 2003, at the age of 14 Jessica was the Maltese ambassador in the 8th Balkan Youth Festival held in Gabrovo Bulgaria were she performed her own original and cover songs. In 2004 Jessica succeeded to the final second edition of the Junior Eurovision Festival with her song Precious Time, which was selected from 118 tracks.

While attending Junior College in March of 2006 Jessica’s music abilities were noted and a lecturer proposed her to represent Malta in a Commenius Project where she sang some traditional songs in Bergamo, Italy. At the end of the same year Jessica participated with two songs Is-Suċċess u Xaġġ ta’ Dawl in the Malta International Television Festival aired on One TV. In April 2007 Jessica placed second in the Ilħna Maltin Festival with her song ‘Kuraġġ’ produced for the first time on the series Showtime screened on TVM. In September 2007 Nistennik was the song where Jessica competed in the Malta International Television Festival. Also, for three consecutive years starting in 2005, Jessica presented the Malta Shipyards Singers Festival organized annually in aid of Rażżett tal-Ħbiberija.

She was discovered on the national Malta television in 2008 during the Malta Song for Europe Festival as one of the sixteen finalist contestants. During this festival Jessica participated with the song, Tangled, which was selected from 225 songs entries. During the same time Jessica released her first single Sweet Temptation and reached second place in the Malta Hit Song Festival aired weekly on ONE TV. Sweet Temptation had also two bonus tracks Kuraġġ and Nistennik, were she sold a lot of copies during the year. In March 2008 Jessica auditioned for the series Dopo, aired on One TV for the selection of a female singer as to join with the Maltese group Sixth Simphony. Every week Jessica performed different tracks (Tangled, Can’t take my eyes off of you, Voice within, Spread your wings,)and was praised by foreign judges namely Joshua Alamu and Paul Powell, with a quote from the later: ’I am still amazed how come a producer have not picked you up as yet!’ Although she was the preferred artist from the band she did not make it to the winner place as she lost with a low percentage from the viewers’ verdict, televoting. During the summer of 2008, Jessica auditioned for the Red Touch Phone launch marketing video.

After singing the cover song Angels she made it through the final stages and was announced as the chosen female artist. This video made a hit in the Maltese Islands during summer 2008 and was instrumental in boosting Jessica’s popularity.

In June 2009 Jessica went on tour to England. This was her first hand experience at club gigs and pubs. Jessica started her first debut gig at Roger Courtney’s open mike music club in Portsmouth. She was given standing ovations by other musicians and public alike. Jessica’s repertoire included Tangled,Sweet Temptation, and Kuraġġ. She also sang cover versions from well-known artists. Her second gig was at Cuckoo Pint Pub in Portsmouth where she gave an hour of non stop performing. Her repertoire was so impressive that Jessica was asked to perform again in the same pub the week after. The last performance was at Hark to Towler in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Jessika Muscat

In 2009 Jessica released her firstly debut album HOME RUN. Jessica expresses the term Home Run through the baseball concept. In baseball, a home run is scored when the ball is hit in such a way that the batter is able to circle all the bases, ending at home plate and scoring runs for himself and each runner who was already on base. This unique feat serves as a paradigm for a determined Jessica to reach her aspirations steadily and surely. Her album features songs in Maltese and English. The album contains 11 original tracks in all, seven songs in English and four in Maltese. It is essentially a compilation of the songs she has recorded for various festivals. There is also a different version of Tangled, Among these tracks the lyrics of ‘I’m a lil’ bit crazy, is penned by Jessica herself. Two other songs Hey you and Smokescreen were among the 56 finalists of the 2009 Malta Eurosong Festival.

In the summer of 2009 this talented and young singer signed for a 10-day vocal program camp in Hollywood. The journey started in Milbrae where Jessica gave her first performance only one day after landing in the States. The singer was warmly welcomed by both Maltese and American audiences at Milbrae’s recreational centre. Jessica then headed down to Los Angeles for an intensive voice training programme with leading vocal coach Seth Riggs after having been accepted into Riggs’ Speech Level Singing programme. One has to bear in mind that it was Seth Riggs who discovered the secret shared by over 120 Grammy Winners for his renowned Speech Level Singing Technique (SLS). Riggs has worked with some of the world’s top vocal talents including Faith Hill, Ricky Martin, Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson and many more. During camp, Jessica also got to learn about other aspects of the music industry namely marketing and networking strategies. After completing vocal training Jessica carried on to her next commitment, where she gave a live performance in popular Anaheim, situated exactly next to the world-famous Disneyland.

In 2010, Jessica graduated in B.A. Communications and Hispanic Studies at the University of Malta. Jessica’s mainly aspiration is to hit the MTV charts. Jessica is fully aware that she has a long way to go, but is committed into putting all her efforts to achieve her desired goal and dream of becoming a thriving artist. This year, 2011, Jessica managed to make it with the 24 finalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the song Down Down Down penned by herself music composed by Philip Vella. Jessica songs Love is a Fire and Dance Romance made it from the first selection to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

In 2014 on 7 th and 8 th February in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Jessika made it to the Final with her song Hypnotica and placed in the eight place with 18 points. Beside this she get 1 st in Public Vote. TVM Award Winner.

Currently Jessica is working on her new album with Paul Powell. Keep yourself updated!

On 21 November, 2014 Jessika Muscat taken part in the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015, with the song Fandango, and she made it to the Final held at the Marsa Shipbuilding on Saturday 22 November, 2014 with the last sixteen song. She placed at the ninth place with 18 points. Beside that Jessika placed 1 st runner up in the televoting prize held on award.

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