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Rising Sunset is a female-fronted Symphonic Gothic metal band from Malta, established in 2001.

The line-up comprises of:

Christa Calamatta: Main vocals
Carlo Calamatta: Lead / Rhythm guitars & Growl Vox
Clifford Smith: Bass guitar
Ian Spiteri: Keyboards
Sergio Bellizzi: Drums

from YouTube

RISING SUNSET emerged on the Maltese local scene at the end of 2001, the band has been living in a period of studio recordings, interviews & live performances.

With every new album RISING SUNSET pushes the boundaries by reinventing their distinctive style, and nothing seems to stop the band on their rise although they had to face various line-up changes. Their motto says it all: 'NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER'

With their previous album 'EQUINOX', seen by many reviewers as a true milestone in symphonic power metal, RISING SUNSET seemed to have found the perfect musical combination between symphony and metal music.

This time RISING SUNSET morphed from power metal to symphonic gothic metal and once again raised their hats with their upcoming 3rd album called 'DECRETUM'. Full of old school metal hymns, momentous lyrics, tempo impetuoso, powerful guitar riffing, Christa's soprano voice, and Carlo's growling voice gave another dimension to the songs. Again it is an album which has to brew into the mind of the audience, so make sure to give it a couple of spins to get the whole picture. However, this time around it there is this huge contrasts which make 'DECRETUM' stick out when compared to EQUINOX.

The upcoming album will take you on a journey through brutal metal, sweet melodies, technical instrumental opuses, orchestration, male and female vocal ranges, solid drumming catchy tunes followed by intricate songwriting.

All of this is actually an accumulation of individual talent, as RISING SUNSET happens to have some of the finest local musicians around. Sergio Bellizzi, an experienced local drummer in the metal scene, supported by the solidness of bass player Cliff Smith. The old school guitarist and death metal follower Carlo Calamatta as main rhythm/solo guitarist & deep growler. The symphonic and classically oriented keyboardist Ian Spiteri who is also responsible for all the keys arrangements. And last but not least front-woman Christa Calamatta, who has an extremely diverse, unique and enchanting soprano voice.

DECRETUM will be released fall 2014/ beginning 2015, after which the band will start promoting the album on various social media.

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