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Formed in 1978 the band landed a record deal with Bromley based Alternative Music in 1981 and had their debut single ‘Dance Music for the 80s Depression’ played by the world famous DJ John Peel which also entered in the British Alternative charts.

The future looked rosy and the band started making a name for themselves by playing loads of gigs. Unfortunately the record company went bust leaving The Rifffs with just this record to their name and plenty of pride and respect to the music they loved called SKA. Eventually the band fizzled out and the members went their own separate way, that is until 2006 when they decided to reform.

The result of this reunion is an album which has now captured the true essence of The Rifffs. The 11 songs hammer out the pure energy that has been bubbling in their veins for all those years and has finally made its way out. There is no stopping The Rifffs now.



  • Dance Music for the 80s Depression (1981)

Album 1 (2009)


  • Life Of Crime [3.39]
  • Moonstomp [3.20]
  • Champagne Charlie's Ghost [4.09]
  • Things We Do For Money [3.22]
  • Union Star [3.24]
  • Jack The Ripper [3.05]
  • Smoke On The Water [3.08]
  • Magic Of The Sun [3.53]
  • Monday Morning [3.13]
  • The Killer [2.50]
  • Dance Music For The 80's Depression [3.05]


  • Magic of the Sun (released free with Magazine)
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Monday Morning
  • Champagne Charlie's Ghost

Album 2 (2014)

'Can't Stop the People'

  • Whole lot of Nothing
  • 4 Walls
  • Can't Stop the People
  • Bad Seed
  • Conditional
  • Little Girl
  • Start the Revolution
  • Touch and Go
  • Age of Instant Karma
  • Tommy Twister


  • Start the Revolution
  • Whole lot of Nothing
  • Conditional
  • Bad Seed (Featuring Neville Staple)