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Veiled musicians, electronic wizardry and pulsating synth-pop. There is but one word linking all of these and that word is Crux. Formed sometime in 2014, Crux is one of the newest arrivals on the Maltese music scene, but behind the dark veils one finds some familiar faces with a wealth of experience and talent. Not so much a band but rather a musical collective brought together by a love for synthesised sounds, Crux's music relies as much on the three-man formation that performs onstage as it does on the production team that comes to life in the studio. The end result is a seamless sound that all at once references the electronic vanguard of our time yet also evokes the spirit of those artists who pioneered the genre.

Basically devices ringing vary much because using drum machines / synths / samplers and instruments like Guitars / bass / acoustic drums and using many softwares on fluctuations on MacBook programs to have a different sound.

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