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The MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners. A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2009 was compiled by Toni Sant for his fifth annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2009 releases; Toni Sant has always admitted on his podcast and blog that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Here is the list of nominations for 2009.

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8 Ugly Lady Let It Lie EP
8 Ugly Goodbye Single
Aaron Benjamin On My Mind Single
Abysmal Torment Omnicide Album
AilasA1 Kulħadd Għandu l-Art Tiegħu Overseas
Airport ImpressionA2 Seeing With Eyes Closed EP
Airstrip One The Ghost Overseas
Ally I Remember Single
Ally Do You Miss Me? Video
Andrew Ward Goddess Online
Andrew Zammit When All Is Gone Online
Anthony & Calabre Coffee, Kisses and Cigare Video
anti- Tufts Album
Antonio Olivari Dark Ages Album
Beige Feels Good Single
Billy Lee Don't Give Your Heart Away Online
Black Aura Heavy Breathing Video
Bletchley Park Alien Single
Brian Vassallo In the End Video
Brikkuni Gadazz Ġiljan Video
Cable 35 Hygene EP
Cable 35 Mary Video
Carra Borderline Overseas
Carrie Haber It's Complex EP
Carrie Haber Me Oh My Video
Chasing Pandora Running in Circles EP
Chasing Pandora Time Single
Chiara What If We Single
Chris Enriquez Closest Thing To Love (Because of Single
Christabelle Flame Single
Claire Tonna For the Princess Called Sea Online
Claudia Faniello Wild Flower Video
Clement 909 Invasion Online
Colourblind Spectre Album
Corrupted Minds Why Be Normal Online
Cygna Kuintaar Online
Daniel Cassar Around the Day in 80 Worlds / In the Online
Danjeli Kolla Online
Demis Senspiration Album
Denny Falzon This Dance is Forever Overseas
Dimal (feat. Maddee) Nothing's Gonna Hurt Us Single
DJ Lord Vampiric Straight Shot To the Edge EP
Dolls for Idols Through the City at Night Online
Doubt Floating Free Online
Dripht Ecoloclast Single
Droned Sky Mines / Love To Let Single
Effetti Kollaterali 33 RPM Online
Elyk Elymur Dismantle and Destory Album
Ethnamorte Shades of Beauty & Madness / Belt is- Overseas
Eve Ransom Soundtrack To A Smile / Evergreen Single
Explicit Shame Single
Fire Thrill Me Album
For Strings Inn With Strings Attached EP
Forsaken After the Fall Album
Fraser Gregory There is a Forest Overseas
Freddie Portelli Tonight / The One & Only Single
GetFunky Qaħba Video
Hadrian Mansueto Catch You Video
Hunters Palace 30/12/08 Album
Ira Losco Mixed Beats (The Remix Albu Album
Item Give Up The Ghost Online
Jean Claude Vancell Ain't Good Enough Single
Jerico Sincrest Rain Online
Joe Mizzi Age of Decay Overseas
Jon Lukas Woodenma Better Man Overseas
Julie Ann Zahra No One in Heaven Single
Kartridge Wild Crazy Nights Single
Knockturn Alley Medusa Album
Krafteknique Thousand Needles Online
Kristina Casolani Get Out Single
l urk didj Online
Lappalie Sydneymoon Overseas
Laura Zarb Cousin You Bruise Me Single
Loathe Despondent By Design Album
Lyndsay Pace Addicted Single
M.A.M. Jien M'Jien Xej Online
Macropode Convergence Online
Manwel T Virtual Dub Album
Manwel T Meets Mind's Eye At the Temple of Dub Album
Marilyn Mifsud Where My Head's Been Single
Mark Axiaq Sleeplessness Overseas
MC Frans Funky Frans Video
Melchior Sultana Recognize the Real Album
Milk Mi Disappear Single
Miriam Christine Alone Today Video
Muxu Drop It (Say No No No) Single
Muxu Gone Video
No Bling Show Stejjer Mill-Bandli (tal-Mosta Album
No Bling Show Lucija u Samwel Video
nosnow/noalps Dance All Over You Single
NV Envy Album
NV Reason for Denying Single
Oliver Degabriele's Tri Asteroid 612 Overseas
Original Cast Recording Porn: The Musical Album
Pamela Whispers Album
Paul Giordimaina A Letter to Bernie Album
Pete Molinari Today, Tomorrow & Forever Overseas
Pete Molinari Today, Tomorrow and For Video
Plato's Dream Machine Journey Man Single
ReBorn Chew My Plasticine Online
Red Electrick Black 8 / 10 Years Too Late Single
Relikc Tomorrow Online
Renee Cassar Live and Learn Overseas
Renee Cassar Dreary Day Video
Retrophytes Retrophytes EP
Richard Edward Basking in Baghdad Single
Salt Star Single
Sasha and Sam The Space Within Album
Scar Breaking Radio Silence Album
She2s Bubblegum Video
Simon Vella Unspoken: Sounds from With Album
Skimmed Your Head Is Too Big For Your Cr EP
Skullcakes Dive EP
Sonitus Asphixetamol Online
Soundscape Foundation Savannah Online
Spriggan Mist Indigo Child Overseas
Stefanos Little Thoughts / Zero Plus Online
Stimulus Timbre Flowing in Your Mind Online
SunSatION Disappear Online
Sylvan Borg Mouse by Day (Hero by Night) Single
Synthact Aer EP
Tenishia (feat. Wintermoo Marigold Single
The Does My Better Side Single
The Myth Dream Single
The Myth Animal VideoC18
The Rifffs Moonstomp Album
The Rifffs Champagne Charlie's Ghost Single
Thea Saliba On the Dancefloor Single
Thomas Hedley In Ecstacy Single
Thy Legion Sadism Through Holy Intervention Online
TokinToker Elevator to the Moon Online
Tom Caruana Rebel Withou Applause Overseas
Totema Till I Die Online
Tribali The Elephants of Lanka Album
Twenty-Six Other-Worlds ManipulatedB26 Album
U-Bahn Beautiful Girl Single
Uncharted Blame Me Single
Various Artists Malta Eurosong 2009 Album
Various Artists Malta Hit Song Contest 2009 Album
Various Artists Tumult and Squak Album
Victims of Creation Chapter 22 Online
Victor Chetcuti Together Free Overseas
Victoria Osbourne Filling Days Online
Wayne Micallef Open Road Single
X-Vandals Breach the Silence Album
Y4J Band Tear It Down Album

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