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Kylie Coleiro

Kylie Coliero was born on 16 September, 1992 in Paola. She grew up in Santa Luċia.

A twenty year old performer who most notably does not want to seem older and keeps in check with her age when taking to the stage. She has a fresh, expressive, fun and free outlook on life which ultimately gives her an attitude and vocal style to match accordingly. Kylie started her singing career at just eight years old with the encouragement of her school music teacher who noticed her natural talent.

Throughout the years, she has made a number of television appearances including being a resident singer on the programme Showtime which aired on TVM and had very high audience figures throughout it's course.

There was also the popular children's programme known as Nannu Spagu which gave her the opportunity to garner experience whilst also competing in the Junior Eurosong competition from 2003 till 2009 manahing to reach the final on each respective occasion ultimately finishing in third place with the self-written track Everywhere I Go at one point.

Kylie Coleiro

In 2009, Kylie could not return to the Junior Eurosong because of age restrictions and thus she began working on some new material with local songwriters to submit in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest making it through to the selection with the track Let It Shine composed by Andrew Zahra and penned by Joe Julian Farrugia. This was quite a huge achievement as Kylie was still sixteen years old.

Kylie has been studying the piano for the past eight years and she also learnt vocal training in a classical manner with Amadeus. Later on, she joined the Masquerade Theatre Arts School under the direction of Anthony Bezzina and Veronica Bezzina.

Prior to become fifth, the age which Kylie will identify herself as old, she has the intention of crossing off a number of things which she has written down in her ambitions checklist. One of these is surely meeting amazing people along with performing in amazing place.

During 2014 she take part in a tv drama seriel Ma Tinbidel Qatt which she sing the main song with his brother Klinsmann Coleiro and Lawrence Gray.

She would like to keep all of the friends that she has amassed thus far but would like to make new comers and finally, she believes that singing is always an integral part of her life and will therefore like to continue doing so forever and ever and ever. She finally states that music is my life, something I breathe .. my oxygen.

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