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Chess is a Maltese singer born Francesca Galea on 18 April 1992.

At the very young age of 2 she began to take dance lessons and by the age of ten she moved on to acting. Dance classes, acting, and later on music, were priorities throughout her childhood and this was her formal introduction to the performing arts. She began training her voice at the age of thirteen, but she had wanted to sing since she was five. She aims to be an all-round performer, incorporating dance, music and singing into her performances. {a reference for this would be nice here}

Cover art for the EP Babygirl, the debut CD release by Chess in 2012

Pop music drew her to singing even though her primary voice studies consisted of classical material and songs for musicals. When she eventually progressed to SLS lessons she began to focus more on pop and R&B.

Her debut single Stilettos is written by Maltese pop singer-songwriter Muxu and it was released in the summer of 2010. This was followed up on Wednesday 1 September 2010 with a trance/dance track by Jo Micali and U-Bahn called Making You Mine, featuring Chess' vocals.

In 2010 Chess moved to England to attend the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) to study voice and broaden her knowledge of music.

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