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Mistura is a Maltese acoustic blues group that first appeared in 2012.

Antonio Olivari and Malcolm Bonnici are the main members of this band. They are sometimes accompanied by Matthew Agius on bass, Francesco Sultana on drums, and by Janice Debattista and Nathalie Pace on backing vocals.

Their public debut was at the 36th edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu with the song Isma' Bilfors. They were awarded the Best New Talent award at this contest. Since then, Mistura have made public a number of songs through Youtube and are currently working on their first album. They also feature on the ROCKNA Live & Unplugged compilation.

The name of the band is a play on the three meanings that the word has in Maltese: (1) derived from the Italian word for mixture 'misto', (2) liquid medicine, and (3) hidden / mysterious.

They cite the following Maltese artists among their influences: Walter Micallef, Brown Rice, Xtruppaw, and Brikkuni.

Mistura sing entirely in Maltese.

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