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Purple Haze is a hard rock band from Malta.

It was formed in the early 1980s by guitarist Stephen Borg.

They appeared regularly on the local underground gig circuit for many years. Singers over the years included Lito, Ivan Grech and Daryl Ebejer.

On 6 June 1998 they supported Deep Purple at Ta’ Qali National Park.

Within five years the band split up but they made a comeback in 2008.

In December 2010 the band was forced again to go through line-up changes once again. Axel (Stephen's son) joined in as the band's new drummer while Dwayne joined on bass a few months earlier. Dwayne and Axel brought in adrenaline, something which the band was lacking for the last years. In November 2011 Stefan 'Fofi' Farrugia joined the band and they appeared with the following line-up.

Stephen Borg - Guitar
Stefan 'Fofi' Farrugia - Guitar
Axel Borg - Drums
Dwayne 'Doogie' Cassar - Bass
Paul 'Fiku' Spiteri - Vocals

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