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Tryst Arcane is a duo formed in June 2015 by Julian Grech and Alexia Baldacchino Their Genre is Dark Symphonic Music.

Tryst Arcane should already conjure up an air of mystique, but venture into the musical world that this duo has been creating behind closed doors, and the darkness looms even deeper. Minimalist in structure, the songs are deliberately shorn of any conventional percussive arrangements. Instead, their rhythms fluidly emanate from an esoteric rendezvous of atmospheric / cinematic soundscapes, organ sounds, brooding piano riffs and soaring vocal melodies adorned with lyrics garnering elements of mysticism with indirect references to realistic themes such as death and new beginnings. Tryst Arcane's music has at its core a self-styled undertow of poignancy that gives it its unique edge - At times reminiscent of sacred hymnal music yet also venturing into romantic balladry. Tryst Arcane is formed by Alexia (Vox at Memento Nostri) & Julian (Keys at Nomad Son)