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Dusk is a Maltese alternative rock group influenced mainly by classic rock and blues.

Dusk was formed in Attard (Malta) in 2008 by Lenny Lopez (vocals/bass), David Camilleri Podesta (drums) and Chris Ciantar (guitars). Some years earlier the three had started jamming regularly but after some time these sessions stopped. However, the passion for music drove them back together and they started meeting again. At first the band was called Zephyr but since this was also the name of a popular, local car hire company, the name was replaced.

In 2010, Dusk started playing some gigs in local bars namely at the Roman's Den in Rabat and Rookies in Bugibba. They also took part in the yearly, 3-day, fundraising charity event - Simon's Music Marathon hosted at Simon's Pub in Sliema on Saturday 8 May 2010. Later that year, they played at the Harmonic Daze Festival at the Buskett Roadhouse. Their set included seven original songs.

In February 2011 they released their debut recording, The Big Blue (Thinking of You). This song was featured on Toni Sant's 248th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 5 March 2011.

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