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Kid Crisis is the stage name of Julian J. Gatt born on 13 May, 1996. A rapper / producer just making music and documenting hi life through rhyme.

In a way, the whole thing started thanks to 50 Cent's In Da Club. This was back in 2003; when his elder brother was already heavily into hip-hop. He remember we were riding in the family car and the song came on the radio. Naturally, his brother pushed up the volume to the max. The song caught my attention and he became intrigued with the way an artist combines storytelling and music in rap,” Julian explains.

And so, Kid Crisis was born. It was only in 2011 that he settled on Kid Crisis. he felt that it fit just right. He still young and through my music he want to represent the voice of people my age. Hence the 'Kid' part. The 'Crisis' part refers to what I feel is the lack of buzz in the local and even the global hip-hop scene. You get the same concepts, lyrics and ideas repeated in different songs by different artists. he want to counteract that as Kid Crisis.

Ever since he was six years old he been writing and showing his family the results. It was just something I did to pass the time, until he showed it to my late uncle. I remember I had just written a very long poem and he picked this to read out to him, unconsciously adding a rap rhythm to it. He was very encouraging. He says his uncle gave him the best words of advice that day, if someone tells you you're wasting your time, shrug those words off. Even this piece of advice, which Kid Crisis has followed with enthusiasm, somehow transformed itself into a rap piece; a song called Almost There (which peaked at #70 out of around a million songs on the international soundclick charts).

Nearly a year later, his second single was released, produced by and featuring european producer flashbeats, also known as LX. This song is currently in the maltese charts and fuels his energy to continue working on more material.

When working on this song, I just knew it had what it takes to be a hit, a hot beat, a catchy hook, not to brag, but even the verses had a certain feel to them, it was just right and even though it took me quite some time and effort to get it on the radio, it's been at number #3 on the bay local charts for over a month now, and it's not even what I'd say is my best tune... next song and the album are gonna be songs worth listening to, and also, a bit more hip-hop than the previous projects