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Rikki Lee Scicluna is a pop rock singer-songwriter from Malta.

He first came to public attention in Malta as the lead singer for Gypsy Genes in 2013.

In January 2014 he announced that he will now be performing as a solo artists, using the name Rikki Lee. His debut single, Lies was featured on Toni Sant's 367th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 25 January 2014. The song was officially released on Monday 27 January 2014.

A Maltese musician with an English background. Began his early life on the island of Malta but very soon immigrated as a child to London which shaped him and his musical direction for the rest of his life...

His thirst and hunger to make music became a drug to him at the early age of 10 where he composed his first songs on keyboard... he believed he was destined to be a keyboard player but after a few years he built the confidence to take centre stage and deliver unique energetic performances.

Rikki Lee has been in many bands and grew up in the London music scene playing top venues to large audiences where his style was described as unique and one of a kind. He draws his inspiration on music with great melodies and strong vocal/instrumental hooks.

He later created his own group called the 51/50s which enabled him to express his movement and creativity on and off the stage as well as building a name as a prominent songwriter.

The bands debut song went to number 26 in the UK charts - the highest entry of an unsigned band with a following on myspace of over 250'000 fans. Their 2nd release was charting in Finland, Germany, Poland and Czech.

The band went on to secure a record deal and tour around Europe fulfilling one of Rikki's long term dreams. Their music reached places the band could never imagine.... from the U.S leading series Jersey Shore to the 6'o'clock news in China.

"Those were some of the best days of my life and what made it better was the guys I toured with....we were inseparable and will remain friends forever"

Now he returns back to the island that created him originally and co-built the band Gypsy Genes which released two singles both topping the charts and receiving nominations for best newcomers.

He is now ready to take on a new musical journey in his life which establishes him as a true and powerful artist.

I believe these next few years will deliver something greater than I can truly imagine musically and to share with the people is all that counts.

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