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The annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners.

A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2014 was compiled by Toni Sant for his ninth annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2014 releases; Toni Sant has always maintained, through his podcast and blog, that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Here is the list of nominations for 2014.

Click on the link to the right to view/hide the full sortable list of nominees for 2014:
A Day Too Late Call Me Online
Acidulant Dance To My Funk Video
Airport Impressions Mariette Album
Airport Impressions Hymns of June Video
Alex Alden Just Like You Video
Amelia Hope Perplex City EP
Amelia Hope Story of My Life Video
Andreana DeBattista Now and Forever Video
Anidroc Beyond (video) Overseas
Animal Music Africa Album
Berne In the Woods Video
Brodu Habullabullojb Album
Brodu Iċ-Ċimiterju Video
Cable 35 Coconut Supply Video
Cable 35 Fungus - Boznich Online
Cheryl Balzan & Chris Tanti Calling Out My Name Online
Chess Vanity / Tuxedo / Battles Overseas
China The Beach Online
China Take Me to the Beach EP
Chris & Moira Beautiful World Video
Cinnamon War Brightest Light / Shadows Single
Clandestines Youth Will Get You Far Video
Claudia Faniello One Fine Day Video
Clinton Paul Stronger Video
Clinton Paul Dance with the Enemy Single
Corazon Hawn Jien Album
Cryptic Street Kull Lejla Online
Cushion Skipping Stone Video
Cyberia L-Iswed Jiskura Online
Dana McKeon Street Art Album
Dana McKeon Street Art Video
Dean Muscat Twentysomething Online
Deluge of Sorrow On Oceans of Failure Online
Domino Effect Chasing Paradise Video
Dripht Paċifista Single
Edward Abela A Waltz in the Shadows Online
Explicit Running Away Video
Fabricka Break It Down (Nostalgia) Online
Fastidju Kukkużejt Video
Fastidju Fastidju Album
Federica Falzon Diamonds Single
Firelight Backdrop of Life Album
Firelight Talk Dirty Single
Firelight Coming Home Video
Five From Zero Infatuation Single
Floren Sultana Favourite Waste of Time Video
Footprints Echoes of Praise Single
For Strings Inn Feathers and Stones Album
Forty Days Of Rain Strings Left to Fray Single
Freddie Calls In My Eyes / The Watcher Overseas
Funk Initiative House of Cards Online
Fuzzhoneys Soul Video
Gergis feat. Eleanor Il-Gwerra Vera Online
Gianluca Bezzina Picture Video
Gianluca Bezzina Light Me Up Single
Godzilla Power Hour Something I’d Decline Video
Ħolma Qattusa Nasba Online
Ħolma Qattusa ma' Kukkanja L-Għabex u l-Għaliex Video
Il-Mic feat. Yasmin Pulis Demgħat Imsaħħra Online
In The Name Of Flesh Will Suffice Album
Infinite Loop Longing For You Video
Ira Losco Shouldn't Have to Bother Video
Ira Losco The Way It’s Meant to Be Single
Izzyliscious Heart Back Online
Jane Doe Breathe Video
Jane Doe Homeostatic Cover EP
Jes Psaila Jes Psaila Album
Jim Hickey Burning Forest (video) Overseas
Joe Roscoe The Big Move EP
Joe Roscoe Home Is Where Your Heart Is Video
Jogelle The Struggle Overseas
Jon Lukas Woodenman Older - Better? Overseas
Julie Pomorski Tabula Rasa Online
Juno and the Wolf Juno and the Wolf EP
Kantilena Is-Senduq Album
Kantilena Gaħan Video
Karen DeBattista Jien Ma Naħdimx Online
Kassette TY / Sarah Sing That Song Online
Kristen I Must Go Single
Krokus Long Stick Overseas
Kurt Aquilina Fusi-o-matic Online
Kurt Aquilina feat. Gino Micallef Step Closer Online
Kurt Calleja Vertigo Video
Kylie Coleiro Someday Soon Single
Lauren Aquilina Lover or Liars (video) Overseas
Lejla Maltija Lejla Maltija Overseas
Lucy's Last Jenna Video
Lyndsay & LuLu Letter 25 Video
Lyndsay Pace Regent Street Video
Malcolm Pisani Enough Single
Manwel T Live Good Online
Marco Larski Ellul The Beginning Online
Maria Lewis An Angel Video
Maryse Briffa Embers of Courage Online
Massacre House Party Uh Oh! Video
Maxine Pace Fed Up / Take Me Back Online
Melbourne Ska Orchestra Third Time Lucky (video) Overseas
Melchior Sultana Peacefully Online
Melitesk Perpetual Slumber Online
Milk Mi Scarlet Coats EP
Milk Mi Bigger Video
Mind's Eye Dub Five Nights of Dub Album
Mistura U D-Dinja Tkompli Ddur Album
Monroe Hunt You Down Overseas
Mutt Ley Mean Summer Overseas
Nadine Axisa Velvet Album
Nadine Axisa Għanja Video
Norbert Bondin Find A Way Video
Norm Rejection The Radical Underground EP
nosnow/noalps Go Go Go Go Album
nosnow/noalps Black Panther Single
nosnow/noalps Somethin' Like That Video
NV Leave Me Alone Video
Phyllisienne Brincat Choir Ġej il-Milied Single
Phobics Hey! (live) Online
Plato's Dream Machine Għera Album
Plato's Dream Machine Flien Video
Plato's Dream Machine Temenza Video
Rachel Fabri A Little More Time Online
Raquel Galdes Mhux Pupa Biss Video
Red Electrick Shake Video
Red Tower Afterall (video) Overseas
Relicuia Lord of Chaos EP
Relikc Prime Time Video
Rikki Lee Lies Video
Rikki Lee Smile Video
Rising Sunset The Battle of Thermopylae Video
Robert Farrugia Pawża – Stennija Album
Rumbull feat. Manage Pulse of a Rebel Video
Ruth Abela Il-Festa Online
Scarlet Sally Back to the Start Video
Sempliċiment tat-Triq Liberte Online
Sempliċiment tat-Triq Il-Paragun Video
Skambomambo Smile Overseas
Sophie DeBattista So Damn Perfect / Beer Googles Overseas
Spinesplitter Studio feat. Melchior Borg Vile Dissonance Video
Tenishia with Jonathon Mendelsohn A New Dream Album
The Crowns Someone Else Video
The Kite Project Don’t Hesitate Video
The Lenient Genies Pay Your Dues Online
The New Victorians Dustpile Video
The Rifffs Can’t Stop the People Album
The Rifffs Conditional Single
The Rifffs Whole Lot of Nothing Video
The Sylvan Aaron Massacre The Trill Video
The Violent Violets Tame Album
The Violent Violets Eat Majesty Single
The Voyage The Love You Never Took Online
Thea Saliba Fight the Fall Single
They Come In Twos Through the Trenches Into the Light Online
They Come In Twos Static Made Me This Way Video
This.Co Isabelle Online
Thy Legion World Stigmata Album
Tricia Dawn Williams The Forbidden Video
TroffaHamra y los mechones Todo es más bonito Overseas
Umannimali Makkinarji Video
Various L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2014 Album
Various Kewkba -Għanjiet Tal-Milied 2014 Album
Various Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Online
Various Summer Hit Song Contest 2014 Online
Veronica Rotin Veronica Rotin Album
Vinny Vella Jr. Another Way Album
Viper Soup Complex Taxidermy Hotel Online
Waterwings Steal the Crown Video
Wayne William Don’t Fade Away Video
Winter Moods Everlasting Single
Yews Watch the Sky Online
Youngheart feat. Matina Rise Overseas

Top Picks

Voting was open between 6 September and 20 October 2015 at

A total of 890 votes were submitted, which were subdivided into each category (in order of popularity):

Top Music Video: 204
Top Online Release: 191
Top Album: 178
Top Overseas-based Artist: 112
Top Single / EP: 94

The top 5 vote receivers in each category are indicated below.


178 votes were received in this category. see details

  • Brodu - Habullabullojb (21) - 11.8%

Singles & EPs

94 votes were received in this category. see details

  • Footprints – Echoes of Praise (41 votes) - 21.1%

Online Releases

191 votes were received in this category. see details

  • Yews - Watch the Sky (16) - 8.4%

Music Videos

204 votes were received in this category. see details

  • Brodu – Iċ-Ċimiterju (27) - 13.2%


112 votes were received in this category. see details

  • Chess – Vanity / Tuxedo / Battles (9) - 8%

Opinion Stage used for voting on this poll though Facebook and Twitter account authentication. The poll was designed by QUE Design Studio.

The 2014 Listener's Top Picks were announced during Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast number 403, which was released on Saturday 24 October 2015. <flashmp3 id="1"></flashmp3>

Toni Sant's 2014 Top Picks

(numbers in brackets indicate votes received over all)

  • Album: Brodu – Iċ-Ċimiterju (27/178)
  • Single: Clinton Paul - Dance With the Enemy (1/194)
  • EP: Dripht - Paċifista (5/194)
  • Online: Cryptic Street – Kull Lejla (17/191)
  • Video: Plato's Dream Machine - Temenza (1/204)
  • Overseas: Lejla Maltija - Lejla Maltija (6/112)

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