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Scarlet Sally is a Maltese pop-rock band active since December 2012.

The band consists of lead vocalist Janice Debattista, guitarists Luke Grech and Mathias Mallia, bassist Joseph Axiak and drummer Lesnich Vassallo.

Miss Chief

They originally came together as Miss Chief for a one-off gig opening for a Coldplay tribute band in Malta. A few months after that performance, Miss Chief decided that, with a slight line-up change, they had the potential for something big.

As Miss Chief they played a number of gigs mainly giving their own interpretation on several pop hits as well as rock classics.

Original material

In 2013 the band started to focus on its own musical identity, working on new material and changing its name to Scarlet Sally.

Their debut singe, I Don't Get It was recorded at Juubox Recording House and Beehive Studios whilst the mixing and mastering was handled by Kenny D'Ugo. The release of the single was accompanied by a promotional music video produced by APT Malta. It was featured on Toni Sant's 351st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 28 September 2013.

Their main sponsors are Pavi and OVS.

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