Juno and the Wolf

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Juno and the Wolf

Juno and the Wolf are an experimental rock band from Malta, active since 2012.

Their debut gig took place at Coach and Horses in Msida on 11 August 2012.

Juno and the Wolf is the culmination of the myriad of influences that inspire its four members, James Azzopardi (guitar/bass), Kristian Schembri (drums/percussion), Samwel Mallia (bass/vocals/guitar), and Corey Farrugia (guitar/bass).

Formed in late 2011, Samwel, Kris and Corey parted ways with a previous musical project to create new music with James who was also working with Samwel on the side at the time. From these first encounters emerged the experimental ethos of the band, an aim to create a duality with emotion and sound, flowing from heavy, raw numbers to quieter, more introspective ones rather than simply settling for one set genre.


Debut self titled EP: 2013 -

Their debut release, Why So Suicide!? was released via Soundcloud on Thursday 17 July 2014. Two days later is was featured on Toni Sant's 386th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast. The single was taken from their debut 5 track EP that was later released on a limited number of physical copies at a launch gig that took place at Razzett l-Aħmar in Mosta on 19 September 2014, alongside Naked Venue. The EP was made available for digital download a month later via Bandcamp on 19 October 2014.


Juno and the Wolf EP (2014)

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