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Infinity Loop is a soft rock band from the Marsa garage scene.

The band's name comes "from the boredom of the routine everyday life, which in certain cases looks like an infinite loop and we're just seeking to break through it."

The band was formed by drummer Duncan Borg and guitarist Roberto Faure in early Summer 2010.

Nigel Buttigieg joined the band in late November 2011 as a lead guitarist. Gabrijel Mansueto joined as bassist in January 2012. They are also the singers in the band.

Their first original recording, Another Day, was featured on Toni Sant's 348 Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 24 August 2013.

Other original songs by Infinite Loop include Silent Scream and Sad Boy.

They are managed by Chris Cini and Charles Buttigieg.

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