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Milk Mi

Milk Mi has been in the local music scene since 2005. It was at that time that music brought Maria and Francesco together to start joining dots and fuse their musical ideas into art.

It was after the development of their first tunes that MILK MI hit the studio to start shaping it all up with the professional assistance of producer Boris Cezek.

The three of them understood the musical direction to be taken. A combination of driving guitars topped with Maria's gentle tones led to the release of the first official track entitled Black Sheep. Targeted towards the younger generation, mostly college teenagers, the track was heavily influenced by the likes of Paramore, Avril Lavigne and Wheetus.

Soon after the completion of this first project, Ian Paul fell into the picture. This was quite a musical shock for a metal drummer to be expected to act as rudder at the tail of a college rock boat. However, the magic worked again. There couldn't be a bigger punch added to the groove. A full rush ahead for Black Sheep and its music video launch, was the next phase. This was a relatively huge success for such a novice act. The single enjoyed quite a good summer-time success on local airwaves. The track swiftly made its way onto radio play-lists to become one of the most familiar tunes for summer 2008. Foreign websites such as also captioned this fresh track as a suggestion for their subscribers.

The band looked ahead and released their second track Disappear which also enjoyed a moderate success. Toni Sant wrote:

"Follow up last year’s debut single Black Sheep with a single called Disappear….I liked Black Sheep and I like Disappear even more. If a band can be so good on their first two singles, I really want to see what they will sound like say five years from now…..if they're still together."

And you bet they are! After a considerably long writing hibernation MILK MI were joined by Chris on guitar, who was then followed by Myles on guitars and electronics. The band has lately also exited the studio with three brand new tracks, the first of which, Party made it up to number 4 in the local radio charts.

Maria Luana (Vox)
Ian Paul (Drums)
Francesco (Bass)
Myles (rhythm Guitar)
Christopher (lead Guitar)

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