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Cryptic Street

Cryptic Street is an all-female band from Malta.

Their sound is a mix of alternative rock, classic rock and pop.

According to Toni Sant, Cryptic Street is'A new all-girl pop rock group on the local music scene will certainly go a long way to diffusing the testosterone saturated environment.'

Cryptic Street is a band, made up of five friends, Starting in February 2011 after a text message between singer Leona Farrugia – vocalist, and guitarist Janelle Janju Borg guitarist, they quickly recruited fellow classmates – Julia Hickey – Drummer, Denise Gilford – Keyboardist & Cheyenne Belle Xuereb – Bassist) who simply love experimenting with different instruments and listening to all genres of music. One probably wouldn't be able to pin a specific genre to their sound since it is incorporates modern rock elements, with a splash of electronica and experimental, alternative rock.

After a couple of rehearsals and a summer locked away in the garage, they managed to secure two gigs; an intimate gig at the JChallenge, il-Gudja and an acoustic gig at the Notte Bianca 2011, where their set list included covers of songs such as Clocks by Coldplay, Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon and Valerie by The Zutons/Amy Winehouse.

The band is made up of a myriad of personalities of which compliment together to create music.

Indecisive, the band’s debut single, produced by Peter Borg, is therefore the vibrant result of such a blend of genres and qualities. The song and accompanying video were very well received, and in fact, the video was chosen to be shown on the official website of the famous British band Coldplay, a band that in itself has been highly inspirational to Cryptic Street’s sound at the start. With psychedelic sounding guitars, strong-driven bass, 80’s disco beat, emotional vocals and a keyboard line that makes one nostalgic of the synthpop age, there is an artistic diversity that ignites the song and makes it enjoyable for die-hard psychedelic rock fans and pop fans alike.

With this single, Cryptic Street performed at the Bay Music Awards 2012, and won the Best Newcomer Award. They also landed a nomination at the Malta Music Awards. The single also entered the Official Maltese PRS Music Charts, and secured the number one spot for two consecutive weeks of the Bay Radio Charts.

The band’s second single, Retrospect (2013), also produced by Peter Borg, was the result of a myriad of different influences that have impacted the band during that year. Influenced by Orwellian literature, Lana del Rey and Jim Morrison's poetic lyrics and most of all, different life experiences, it is a positive departure from the first single, 'Indecisive.'

Retrospect's neo-80s vibe, which initiated in 'Indecisive' and is steadily maturing, along with the eclectic diverse genres incorporated in the song, is targeted towards different listeners.

After the departure of the original bassist, Chiara Sacco and influenced by the hottest bands on the international scene that favour simple yet experimental beats as well as by the melodic playing of the new bassist, Cheyenne Belle Xuereb, the band decided to depart from mainstream sounds and experiment with a more underground sound. This also led to some self-production which helped the band mature in their sound and also opt for a more hands on recording approach.

Currently, the band is working on original songs, developing a distinctive style and hopefully, releasing an EP and touring in the future.

On 14 August 2012 they released their debut single Indecisive. The song was featured as the opening track on Toni Sant's 308th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast.

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