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Cable 35 is a Maltese rock group that was formed in August 2006. The band’s name comes from a guitar lead (cable) and a bus number (35) that that used regularly to get to their rehearsal space in Mqabba. The band performs as a trio comprising guitarist Jeffrey Zerafa, bassist Kriz Zahra, and drummer Chris Mallia. Zerafa and Zahra share the singing on most of their songs.


They first appeared in public at the 2006 Battle of the Bands contest, where they placed third, securing not only a couple of precious prizes, but also the attention of a new audience, and that of their more experienced peers. One of the prizes gave them the opportunity to enter a recording studio and experience a proper recording session. Another prize gave took them to Liverpool in the UK for a gig along with the bands that placed second and first in that year's contest.

During their visit to the UK to perform in Liverpool, they also visited Birmingham, and performed a total of 7 gigs, including an appearance at the legendary Cavern Club. During this visit to the UK, they formed a friendship with the UK punk band Reluctant Heroes.

The work ethic in the Cable 35 environ is driven primarily towards having fun. However,producer David Vella, who recorded their their debut EP, in 2007 appropriately titled My First EP at Temple Studios, was reported telling Michael Bugeja that, “they are very focused and hungry to learn more and get better!” [1] They demonstrated how grounded and fun loving they are at the launch of their debut EP by inviting BNI, their favourite Maltese band, to play after them.

Early 2008 Wasted Away was released followed by Animal Rules later in May. Recording sessions for Hygiene EP took place in October. On March 14, 2009, Cable35 released the single Mary and Hygiene EP.

Cable35 have played a number of gigs around Europe over the past couple of years playing Liverpool and Birmingham, England in 2007, Copenhagen Demark in 2008, Italy, Belgium and England on the Hygiene Tour in May and June 2009 and Birmingham in 2010. Harry accompanied by the Harry video (directed and filmed by the band) was the next single to be released in 2010 followed by Boogie Man in November 2010. Cable 35 toured Europe in 2011, playing in Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and the UK.

Radio Airplay

The first single off the EP, A Beautiful Story, received considerable airplay in Malta, and introduced them to an ever-growing audience.


  • On 7 December 2007 they played at the V5 Bar at the Valletta Waterfront.


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