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Wayne Micallef

Wayne W.Micallef (born 27 December 1980) is a singer-songwriter and music producer from Rabat, Malta.

He has been performing, writing and producing music since the age of thirteen, and fell on love with writing particularly influenced by his father Joe George Micallef. During his teenage years he played with various bands and artists across several genres.

Wayne has taken part in local and international festivals with a vocal group called The Mics but he has gone solo around 2007 releasing song for local radios, all reaching high positions on the respective charts. He also performs regularly all over the island and abroad.

Wayne lives and breathes music. He is incredibly dedicated to writing and producing his own compositions to perfection.

“The style of my music, as you know it today, didn’t happen overnight," he states. "It was years of searching and developing my skills, performing with different bands and studying at Berklee Music until finally discovering my sound. It’s always been my passion to write music with musical and lyrical depth. I want to create songs that my fans can relate to and understand. I want my music to speak to people and their lives.” Wayne William’s life was always filled with music.

Wayne Micallef

His father was a well known musician in Malta and his mother, a dancer. His parents shared their love for music with Wayne and his siblings. As a child, he studied music and learned to play the piano. “My dad was always strict with us," says Wayne, "and made us practice every day. I’m thankful now that he always pushed me to sing better, to play better, and to perform better.” Wayne was only seven when he and his siblings had their first performance with their father’s band.

Wayne still enjoys playing regularly with his sister and two brothers. After performing with the Mics and returning home from a UK tour with the former band Castaway, Wayne launched his solo career as an artist. He has taken part in local and international festivals. Wayne loves performing live, and has performed in concerts across the UK and Malta. His singles have been well received on the Islands, while reaching top positions on radio charts. Recently, Wayne and his brother, Richard Edwards, created Battle of the Brothers, benefit concerts for Malta’s Puttinu Cares. The charity, Puttinu Cares, helps children with cancer get the treatment they need. “It all started with Rainbow Ward and seeing the kids,” describes Wayne. “Straight afterwards Rich and I knew we wanted to get involved. We’re really passionate about this charity and Battle of the Brothers.

It’s a great experience to connect with our fans in this way and lend a hand to the kids who benefit from Puttinu.” Wayne has dedicated his entire life to music. It’s his ambition to have success with it wherever life leads him and most importantly for people to enjoy the music. “I feel that this is just the start for me," says Wayne. "And I’m looking forward to the future and what happens next.”

In 2014 Wayne made it to the Final in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with his song Some Kind Of Wonderful and placed twelfth with 9 points. But he was also happy that his brother Richard and his sister Michelle with their band Firelight won the Festival with the song Coming Home with total of 63 points, thus representing Malta in Denmark.



  • 2008 Is someone there
  • 2009 Where you belong
  • 2009 Getting Stronger
  • 2009 Open Road
  • 2009 Sound of life
  • 2010 Save a life
  • 2010 Making my way home
  • 2010 Feel alive
  • 2011 Everybody sing
  • 2012 Time


The Parade (2013) (Released on 14 th Dicember, 2013)

  • 01. Searching for a Sign
  • 02. The Parade
  • 03. Don't Fade Away
  • 04. Breaking Down
  • 05. Everybody Sing
  • 06. Tonight
  • 07. Find Your Way Back
  • 08. Hopelessly Impossible
  • 09. Slip Away
  • 10. As You Move Closer
  • 11. Time

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