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The Phyllisienne Brincat Choir was founded in 1988. Ever since Phyllisienne was attending secondary school, she was trusted by her music teachers to direct the choir when it came to the creation of harmonies. This was the origin of Phyllisienne’s passion for choir direction. She was thought music by various music teachers and vocally trained by Ms.Antoinette Miggiani and all this aided her when it came to coaching numerous singers, many of who are today very well established and popular. Amongst people she coached are the likes of Fabrizio Faniello, Olivia Lewis, Marvic Lewis (Indigo), Lawrence Gray, Glen Vella, Bernice Camilleri, Alison Ellul, Analise Ellul, Kevin Borg, Jessika Muscat among many others with them where also Isadora Debono Phyllisienne daughter.

Phyllisienne Brincat Choir in 1987

In 1987 Phyllisienne started to do individual vocal coaching for people of all ages and assembled a choir made up solely of her students. They immediately started getting invited to perform in hotel lounges and their first great success was when they were included in a very popular Christmas recording called “Tini, tini, Żmien il-Milied” (Give me, give me, Christmas time) by the band X-Tend which was directed by Phyllisienne herself. Since those days Phyllisienne and her choir have never looked back. They started to get invited to perform all over Malta, including during the Millennium Celebrations, in the Palace at formal Government events and even in the Corradino Correctional Facility. The choir also takes part in many marathon fund raisers to help the less fortunate and has performed regularly in Phyllisienne’s television production called Kuluri which airs on the F Living channel. One of the busiest times for this group of young singers is the Christmas season where they share joy with carol singing adding a festive atmosphere to the venues they perform in. Phyllisienne was also the first choir director to include choreography as part of her choir’s act to enhance the audience’s overall enjoyment.

Phyllisienne Brincat Choir at 2015

Time goes by and children grow up and left the choir, but other children always enter in the choir, in the moment it was formed by Joelle Onwuzuluigbo, Naimah Gatt, Martina Magri, Neil Sant, Nicole Pulis, Nathan Onwuzuluigbo, Risa Ellul, Gaia Gambuzza, Martina Abela, Thea Abdilla, Estella Mercieca, Shakira Bonavia and Nathaniel Attard.

Presently the choir is busy recording the popular series “Fonzu il-Fenek” (Fonzu the rabbit) which is about to be released on CD. This series of songs was written by Michael Piscopo and produced by Phyllisienne at her state of the art Sweet Notes Recording Studio. Apart from the recording of the CD, Phyllisienne also composed the musical arrangements. The CD will include the tracks “Frott u Haxix” (Fruit and vegetablles) and “Ġej il-Milied” (Christmas is coming). All these songs have already been uploaded and are available for viewing on YouTube.

The choir is presently also taking an active part in the Cancer Survivors Campaign with two recordings, again directed by Phyllisienne, titled “I’m gonna love you through it” and “Fight Song”. These too will be uploaded to YouTube in due course.

Finally, Phyllisienne thanks God for providing her with the drive to achieve all this and is thankful for the circle of people who support her in many ways to make it all possible.