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Cushion is a Maltese band band of Indian and cosmopolitan sounds which is based in Malta, active since 1 September 2010. Offers a very interesting mid tempo fusion of western and eastern chill-out music, mostly inclined towards the sound of India, with dominant sitar licks, eastern inclinations on vocal threads, backed with sublime ambience from the keys, and interesting bass and drum patterns to wrap it all up.

First band members are: Toni Curmi (sitar), Holly Azzopardi (vocals), Noel Scerri (keyboards), and Alexein Grech (percussion).

During live performances, Cushion also often include professional dancing choreographies with other special acts such as fire juggling and buugeng. Cushion was formed with the intention to offer a musical alternative to reduce the daily stress, a “cushion” to absorb shocks that daily life sometimes incurs on us.


The main influences of Cushion, come from a fusion of music genres including Ravi Shankar, Masaladosa, Anoushka Shankar, Hans Zimmer, Niladri Kumar, Rush, Bonobo, Lab's Cloud, Jean Michel Jarre, Bob Marley and Prem Joshua.

Apart from gigging around the Maltese Islands, taking part in most of the dominant festivals in Malta, including Rock the South, Għana Fest, Birgu Fest, Earth Garden, The Bubble, Sunscape and Malta Farsons Beer Festival, Cushion have also performed live in Northern Cyprus at the Naci Talat Festival.

Just before leaving for Northern Cyprus, the band have shot a video for the song "Creation Destruction". This is one of the songs that shall be released on their debut album, which will be released sometime in 2018. Recordings for this album also took place in Northern Cyprus. Cushion is progressively growing in popularity and are leaving a positive impact wherever they perform.

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