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Brodu is a five piece Maltese Band founded by Mark Abela aka iz-Żiżża in 2012.

Mark has been in the music scene for quite a number of years and besides being a very active musician, he had always been composing music, which is what brought the band together for this project.

They made their public debut at Lissen Festival 2012. They later appeared at the Zion Club supporting Iskay.

Band Members

Drums/Vocals – Mark Abela (aka Zizza)

Bass – Fredrick Abdilla (aka il-Fre)

Keys/Backing Vocals – Samuel Attard

Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals – Evan Vassallo

Electric Guitar/Backing Vocals – Andrew Micallef (aka id-Drinu)


Brodu launched their Debut album titled Habullabullojb on 14th November 2014 at Ir-Razzett L-Aħmar (Mosta). The album was recorded and produced by David Vella at Temple Studios.

The music included in their debut album is all original, and although Mark was the brains behind most of the tracks, all the band members worked hard to develop better the ideas and make them sound to the best of their satisfaction.

The list of tracks as follows:

1. fejn hu l-ferh?

2. fil-bosk

3. kemm jiena cool!!

4. il-gaffa Hymac

5. siehbi jhobb il-lejl

6. ic-cimiterju

7. ix-Xghajra

8. ma tridx tmur mal-feeling

9. theggigni u toqtolni

10. l-ismack

11. l-Orjent

12. Cinderella

13. feeble

14. Graces Street


Brodu collaborate with a number of different musicians in Malta during the recording phase of their Debut album ‘HABULLABULLOJB’. They are:

David Vella Temple Studios – David produced, engineered and recorded all tracks for this album

Justin Galea KazinSka/PDM – Justin played flute on the track titled ‘Il-Gaffa Hymac’

Nadine Axisa – Nadine did all vocal parts on the track titled ‘Ix-Xgħajra’

Toni Spiteri tal-Ġebel Għannej – Toni Spiteri sang on the track ‘Ma Tridx Tmur mal-Feeling’

Ruth Abela Troffa Ħamra – Ruth arranged the music for the ‘Marc Funebru’ track included in the album titled ‘L-Orjent’

Denis Abela Vintage – Denis played the drums on the track ‘Fil-Bosk’

Herman Spiteri For Strings Inn – Herman sang and played guitar on the tracks ‘Feeble’ and ‘Cinderella’

Kim Farrugia [For Strings Inn] – Played guitar on the tracks ‘Feeble’ and ‘Cinderella’

Manwel Ciappara [ex-Totema – Played guitar on the tracks ‘Feeble’ and ‘Graces Street’

Kazin Ska – played the ‘Marc Funebru’ track included in the album titled ‘L-Orjent’

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