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Forty Days Of Rain is an alternative rock band from Malta, active since January 2014.

from their FB page...

The band is new, but they have high aspirations and are extremely confident in their ability to achieve their goals. In only a few months of rehearsals the band already has 10 original numbers, and performed a guest appearance at the Rookies Marathon in March to a great response.

The future looks bright for Forty Days of Rain, with a variety of events booked and most importantly the release of their debut single ‘Strings left to fray’ set for September 2014. The band aims to become one of the top bands in Malta in the next few years and through determination and hard work, Forty Days of Rain are well on their way to achieving their goal.

Brendan Jackson - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Matthew Camilleri - Drums
Patrick Harvey - Guitar/Backing vocals
Jonathan Magri - Bass/Backing vocals

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