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The Crowns is a rock group from Malta. The band was formed in the early months of 2010. They played Pop Rock / Indie.

The line-up includes Vittorio Gauci (15.10.1986) – Main Vocals, Gianluca Cappitta (01.01.1990) – guitars, Chris Ciantar (31.10.1990) – bass, Jean-Paul Mollicone (16.04.1990) – Keyboards, Luke Vella Clark (07.11.1986) – drums.

The Crowns have performed in a number of local open-air events as well as in pubs and establishments around Malta. The band has been featured on various radio and T.V. stations, such as Radio 101 Live Sessions, Crazebook, Geko, amongst others, along-side some of Malta’s as well as international top musical talent. During the KSU University Campus Fest 2010, the Crowns warmed up for Red Electrick and Airport Impressions. The Crowns were also the main act during the unique [Nadur Carnival] in Gozo where the band entertained the young crowd in the Nadur square with an hour-long ‘cannon-ball’ rock set! Nailing the auditions as well as the 4-way acoustic battle, The Crowns have made it to the grand finale at the Vodafone Upcoming Artist 2011 which was held in April. The band has also participated in several charity events in aid of good causes such as the annual ‘Ohloq Tbissima’. The Crowns have gained popularity after rocking the stage at various festivals and events with their pop rock/indie music, attracting several fans and positive reviews. The band has performed at [Notte Bianca,] [Campus Fest], [Birgu Fest], [the Beland Music Festival] and also at the annual [Farsons Great Beer Festival], alongside acts such as Red Electrick, Airport Impressions, Tribali & Wintermoods

Fresh out of the studio, The Crowns have recently (2011) released new material on local air-waves after recording at Temple Studios with David Vella, producer to some of Malta’s best local performers as well as established international artists. Their debut single ‘Memories’ attracted considerable air-play and made it on a number of local charts, topping the 89.7 Bay Malta’s Top 10 chart at No. 1 for a number of weeks. The single has received numerous positive reviews and media attention and was featured on Toni Sant's 257th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 28 May 2011.

Besides that ‘Memories’, together with a remixed version by DJ Toby, has attracted considerable air-play and made it on a number of local charts, topping the 89.7 Bay Malta’s Top 10 chart at No. 1 for several weeks and placing in the XFM 100.2 Top 40 chart and also gaining airplay in the U.K.

The second single ‘Out of Nowhere’, was released in September and has followed in the footsteps of its predecessor ‘Memories’ topping the 89.7 Bay Malta’s Top 10.

The Crowns have won both ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Viewer’s Choice’ awards at the Bay Music Awards 2011 apart from being nominated for [Best New Artist] at the GO Malta Music Awards 2011. The band have placed in the Top 3 places in Toni Sant’s MMI Listeners’ Picks with [‘Memories’] and ‘Out of Nowhere’ as ‘Top Single’ and ‘Top Online Release’ respectively. The band is keeping itself busy with preparations for upcoming gigs, events and further radio releases.

The year 2012 saw the band continue to capitalize on their momentum through numerous live gigs and the release of a new single called 'Never Ends’ which was coupled with the band’s first music video. ‘Never Ends’ topped the PRS Malta Top 40 Airplay Chart, making it the most played local song on Maltese airwaves over a number of weeks. In the same year, the band started recording their full length debut album which will be entitled ‘Someone Else’.

Their single ‘Home’, which is complemented with a new music video produced in collaboration with Jean Pierre Gatt, was released in the run up to the album launch which happened to be on Saturday 20th April 2013 at Razzett l-Ahmar, Mosta. The song shot up to 2nd place on the PRS Malta Top 40 Airplay chart on its 1st week of air-play and is already climbing in other local charts.

The album has been in the making for well over a year when considering all the work involved. Song writing began late 2011 and we kept writing up till our last recording session. There were 3 recording sessions over a span of 7 months, the first one being in February 2012 the last one in October 2012. The recording, mixing and mastering process was finished in its entirety towards the festive season of 2012.

Of course an album consists in a lot more work other than song writing and recording. Throughout this year they have been constantly working non stop to finalize the artwork and logistics for the album and launch which took place on April 20th at the Razzett l-Ahmar Mosta.

In the meantime, The Crowns managed to squeeze in a Music video for ‘Home’, their latest single which will be featured on the album. A lot of hard work was invested in the making of the video and they are all very happy with the end result. The song shot up to 2nd place on the PRS Malta Top 40 Airplay chart on its 1st week of air-play and is already climbing in other local charts.

In a nutshell, the central inspiration in writing this album was the element of ‘human connection’ which in some way or another affects us all in our daily lives. The lyrics revolve mostly around this theme and they feel that the notion of human connection is further accentuated through the music. In terms of the band’s sound, the fact that the piano was becoming more present in their song writing was also an inspiration in itself since this motivated them to explore new areas in their music.

This is not the only motivating factor behind this album. In some way, this album was also a natural progression from where they left off with their initial singles. Therefore they wanted to gather their new ideas and music, as well as what they had experienced so far as a band all in one package.

Of course the album itself is a first for The Crowns! This is their debut album and they hope that it will be the key to new adventures for the band. Through this album, they feel that they’ve managed to take their music to a new level. All the work that they’ve had to do so far in connection with this album have helped them mature as a band and get a taste of what it is like to create and enjoy music in a professional environment, despite this being only a hobby for them. They feel that this is reflected in their music which has somewhat matured from their initial releases. The coolest new factor in all of this is the positive feedback which they come across as they continue to grow 

Visit for more information on the band and upcoming events.



  • Memories
  • Out of Nowhere
  • Never Ends
  • Home



  • Someone Else
  • 01. Hold On
  • 02. 19th December
  • 03. Someone Else
  • 04. Never Ends
  • 05. She's Gone Mad
  • 06. I Remember
  • 07. Lost
  • 08. Home
  • 09. Midday Crisis
  • 10. All I've Got
  • 11. You'll Never Go
  • 12. Till The End
  • 13. Memories
  • 14. Out Of Nowhere

Line-Up Members

  • Vittorio Gauci - Vocals,
  • Gianluca Cappitta - Rhythm Guitars,
  • Chris Ciantar - Bass,
  • Jean-Paul Mollicone - Keyboards,
  • Luke Vella Clark - Drums

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