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Isabelle Luca Borg (born 19 March 1988), better known by her stage name Izzyliscious, is a Malta-born singer-songwriter.

from her Facebook page:

I'm currently living in London, doing a Vocals Diploma in Commercial Music Performance at Tech Music Schools in Acton.

I come from a family who just loves music...it basically runs through our veins! I remember us meeting up and my mom and all her siblings would just get their guitar or violin out and just start playing and singing all together. And I recall vividly that I always wanted to join in and be part of the music...Music unites people and if you're just singing with another person you instantly feel closer to them...there's that connection...

For me a world without music is a boring world. I constantly need to listen to something even if it's the same CD over and over again...sometimes I still hear something different that I never noticed before.

So, practically I've been singing since forever...I can't say that I started singing at a praticular age because as far as I'm concerned if you sing you're a born singer...it's not like you're playing an instrument, one day you just started to learn how to play it.

For me, my voice was something I was born with. It's my gift.

I started having lessons with Ray Mangion and then moved on to Claire McCartin and Joshua Alamu.

I've taken part in various TV programs, the highlights of which are Don't Stop Me Now in 2009 , which was a 12 week singing competition and reality program, presented by Eileen Montesin and aired on Favourite Channel.

In 2011, I was chosen as a finalist for the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest, aired on ONE TV (vids on the page) with 'Ladies Night', a song penned by BMAs Best Solo Artist 2010 - Muxu.

I also took part twice in the Xfm Virtual Rockstar competition in 2006 with a ballad penned by myself called Point Blank and in 2007 with a rock song called No Button To Rewind with which we placed 4th ( lyrics by myself with some help from Billy.J McBee and music by Sean Borg, Dre, Elton Zarb and myself)

In the meantime, I also like indulging in another hobby of mine - Photo Modelling.

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