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Gabrielle Portelli was born on the 17 February 2001 on the island of Malta] in the Mediterranean Sea. She comes from Marsa she is a Singer.

She started showing a special interest in singing at the age of three, when she was becoming obsessed by “The Phantom of the Opera” and Sarah Brightman's voice, and joined a choir. Her teacher noticed that though being so young she was a quick learner and smart and chose her to take part in a kids educational series on tv called Jolly Phonics. Soon after, Gabrielle joined the parish choir and the school choir where she started being selected for solo parts due to her particular timbre. She was nicknamed "The Soprano" at school at the age of eight. Then she joined a drama school where she did very well. But her drama teacher pointed out that Gabrielle's voice was unique and we needed to nurture it. With the beginning of the next scholastic year the music teacher contacted the parents saying that Gabrielle's voice had something very special and needed to be developed carefully. Thus, Gabrielle started attending professional voice technique lessons at the age of nine.

She started competing in music festivals in Malta and never missed a trophy. She won several first and overall places even when competing with mature singers in their twenties. She was often selected by talent scouts to compete abroad as well. However, due to school exams or finances the family could not always afford to go abroad. Gabrielle competed in Macedonia in 2011 among twenty five other competitors from all around the globe and won first place and third overall from seventy two participants of all sections.

In 2012 Gabrielle went on a workshop in Umbria Italy where she participated in Bugsy Malone in the Italian Language. She went on to represent her country in Romania in 2013 where she won second place out of twenty competitors from all over the world as well. While there she also won the Best Voice Award from the Junior Jury. At the age of eleven Gabrielle was selected through an audition to sing as a soloist accompanied by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra making her the youngest ever singer to sing with them. This was the 40th anniversary concert held by the Ministry in charge of the Local Councils. She also formed part of the Joseph Calleja Choir for five years and sang alongside the Maltese tenor himself. Moreover, she was part of the Malta National Children’s Choir. At the age of thirteen Gabrielle participated in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest where she was well received by the public especially foreigners who nicknamed her "My Fair Lady" for her impeccable rendition of "I could have danced all night."

Her musical journey went on to provide her remarkable opportunities like singing in front of the President of Malta, the Ambassador for China, singing on two different Cruiseliners where she gave mini-concerts accompanied by live bands or the pianist. Today Gabrielle is well renowned for her participation in live concerts accompanied by live bands or live solo instruments. Her major focus is the classic and musical theatre genre. However, lately she is experimenting with the crossover genre which she likes a lot. Gabrielle has obtained the Highest Distinction Award on the ABRSM Board of Exams among more Distinction results in Voice. She has also obtained Distinctions in Musical Theatre, Theory of Music and Pianoforte. Her great aspiration is to reach international level and be able to sing or perform in opera houses or in theatres.

In fact she has recently obtained all her SEC Exams with very high grades and is pursuing a Theatre and Performance Course at Advanced Level among other subjects at the Malta Junior College where she is also very active in the Theatre Group. Her intention is to further her studies in Theatre and Musicology at University.

Gabrielle is also a student at CentreSTAGE MALTA which is a musical theatre school where she has performed various roles in the annual showcase among which one can mention ‘Fantine’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Quasimodo’, ‘Pocahontas’, ‘Christine Daie’, ‘Grisabella’ and part of an ensemble in ‘Matilda’. She was part of the cast in Notte Bianca 2017 at Pjazza Teatru Rjal. Recently she was chosen to form part of the cast in a musical production to be held at Junior College where she was given the leading role and later in the year, in a different drama group she would be representing her country together with her colleagues on an international scale at the Valletta 2018, European City of Culture. Moreover, Gabrielle has recently started forming part of the Malta School of Music where she is receiving voice and theory of music tuition.

The highlight of her musical journey was in December 2016 when she released her music video of the cover "The Voice" original to Eimear Quinn, and it spread around Europe, reached America and South Africa. The song continued to be requested throughout 2017 and still in 2018 on radios namely on our National Maltese radio and in UK where she is regularly played on Channel Radio by Richard Hubbard who has been playing her for seven years now. Gabrielle is also played regularly in USA on American Veteran's Radio. She was featured on the online SA Music Magazine. Later she was played also on Radio Italia and on Radio Classique Paris. The song reached over 142K hits on Soundcloud generating interest to her other songs which together raised the total to 400K plays which was massive for our tiny island. Recently the song was listened to in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Botswana. The peak of the success was reached on winning the Singer of the Month Award in May 2017 from Akademia in Los Angeles. This is a worldwide platform for independent artists.

Gabrielle is invited regularly on tv shows and cultural events around the island where she sings to entertain the audience or for charitable purposes.

At the age of sixteen, last summer, a dream came true for her as she went on a study trip in London where she took intensive training in singing and drama at Danceworks in London coached by West End performers. This was a unique experience which Gabrielle aspires about for her future.

Gabrielle’s latest project is a collaboration with foreigners on new material which will be released later on in the year.

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