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Pupi tal-Logħob is a Maltese punk band that formed back in December 2000. The original idea was inspired UK novelty punk band The Toy Dolls. The band's own compositions are in Maltese. There have been several different line-ups over the years, including a three-year hiatus between 2002-2005, with only founding member Kuzza remaining from the original trio.

Since getting back in action in 2005, the band has maintained a steady pace and presence on the local scene, gigging regularly and building up a loyal fanbase.

The present (2011) line-up features Kuzza on bass & vocals, Shaun on Guitar & backing vocals and Malcolm on drums & vocals.

On Friday 3 June, 2011, Pupi tal-Logħob will be performing along with Duo Kukkanja and Cikku l-Poplu at You Rarely Hear This on the Radio! 2 which is being held at V-Gen in Paceville. The concert is one of several events connected to the M3P:Inaugural Conference.

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