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SterjoTipi is a band formed in October 2017 formed by:-


The Band


Formed in October 2017, Sterjotipi is a Maltese band composed by four musicians, who have been in the music era of Malta for about 5-6 years. The band was formally made up of Stefan Grech, Rodrick Borg and Mark Micallef who have also played and collaborated together in different music events. In late January, Gabrijel Mansueto joined ‘Sterjotipi’ as a bassist and backing vocalist.

In March, the band released its very first single entitled Belti which was greatly appreciated by the Maltese audience. It also made it to the top of the Maltese music charts. To add, the song became very popular with all the Maltese radios, in social media and was approached for TV Interviews. Then in July 2018, second song was released and entitled Tabib, a new song with a different perspective than the song Belti. Tabib is a song dedicated to all those who are caught up in this life's hectic rhythm.

This did really great too on social media, Television and radio programmes. The band participated in numerous events namely: Beland Music Festival, Food Festival in Ħal Għaxaq and Farsons Beer Festival during Summer gigs. The band also played various times in Strait Street, Valletta.

During this time of the year, the band is working on writing own material and hopefully an EP Album will be out. Right now, they are also focusing and preparing on launching a new song which will be released on social media on the 25th of March, 2019.




Year Songs Lyrics Composer Video
2018 Belti (Click for Video)
2018 Tabib (Click for Video)