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Ascendor is a Heavy Metal quintet surging from the island of Gozo which was formed in July 2011 by drummer Paul Formosa who had been looking for members to form a Metal band. Guitarists Andy Fava and Joe Costa met up for a jam with Paul, from which all three perceived the apparent chemistry present both in the style of playing as well as in the writing of original material.

The trio started out by composing their first original songs as well as covering a number of songs by their idols and main influences, namely Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer and Judas Priest. When a solid foundation was established, the band began looking to complete their line-up. In the fall of 2011 they auditioned Steve Muscat, who immediately secured and cemented his place as the frontman with his powerful vocals and stage attitude along with the energy and vitality added to cover songs (not to mention the infinite amount of body art, which compliments nicely the aesthetics of the band’s image).

By the turn of 2012 the band contacted Blasio Muscat, an old friend to take up bass duties. Blasio gladly accepted the offer and not only did he bolster the band’s sound with his solid rhythms but also brought in grooves which took the song writing to the next level.

The band needed to establish an identity which reflected each member as well as their sound. Having seen the final line-up the name Ascendor was chosen, reflecting the notion of a Phoenix reborn and ascending from the ashes in a similar way of how the band was formed from the remnants of previous local acts.

Ascendor prepared a set consisting of numerous covers as well as a handful of original songs which they delivered to the local metal fans on their debut gig at a local bar in Gozo.

The band spent 2013 planning and playing further gigs in Malta and Gozo; such as participating in the annual edition of XMA (Xtreme Metal Assalut) and also making it to the final of the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the bands, while simultaneously working on the recording of their first album. The eight-track album titled Becoming was released in August 2013, preceded by the releases of their first ever singles titled In the Hands of the Enemy and War Machine, giving just a little taste of what the album will be offering.

Even before the release of Becoming, Ascendor had already finalised two brand new songs and spent the rest of 2013 and the first half of 2014 writing further material. After opening for the NWOBHM titans Angel Witch in May, the band hit the studio again in Summer to record their second album, with the aim of delivering a more established and consistent sound. Following a turbulent period for all the members, the album was titled Drive my Demons Away as all the songs on the album represent the band's recent adverse experiences. While keeping 2015 busy with live performances, including supporting Belgian Thrashers Evil Invaders as well as participating in the annual edition of the XMA, Ascendor released their second record online in April and launched it officially in August during a show with fellow metal band Angelcrypt.



  • Becoming - 2013
  • Drive My Demons Away - 2015
  • Disturb the Dust - 2018

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