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The Plakard Project

The PlaKard Project coming from Malta’s local music scene, Matthew John Scicluna and Kyle Drakard kicked off a musical experiment taking them on a journey to share music. In September 2016 they created what now a days is known as ‘The PlaKard Project’. In February 2017 Matthew Camilleri joined the band, evolving the core of The PlaKard Project to a tripod.

The PlaKard Project is a band / trio experimenting with a mixture of contemporary jazz, hip hop and experimental music together with other genres that happen to pop out and flow through in a given moment.

It's not only the set list and music that makes The PlaKard Project. We organize sessions where listeners can easily understand that everyone is born a musician. We are also sharing how music is a tool and philosophy of life, a therapy, mastery, a language and a way of expression like how we believe all arts are. Our aim is to be innovative and creative in many ways and to collaborate and experiment with other musicians, artists, friends and people.