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Gaia Cauchi

Gaia Cauchi (19 November 2001) is a singer from Malta.

She is a student of La Voix Academy Choir under the tutelage of Gillian Attard was chosen internally by the broadcasting house after being on the receiving end of the International Achievement Award at this years' edition of the Malta Music Awards.

Gaia Cauchi will sing the song entitled The Start, co-written by Matt Mercieca, known as Muxu, Gillian Attard, Elton Zarb and Gaia Cauchi, the latter of which will also be the vocalist. The return of the Mediterranean country to the international event has been met with widespread approval and despite the internal selection of both the artist and the song, it seems that the right decision was taken up considering that the polls are ranking Malta in one of the top three positions.

La Voix Academy is enjoying huge success in foreign waters with two female vocalists currently part of this years' edition of Io Canto on Canale 5.

Gaia Cauchi was the winner of the illustrious Sanremo Junior where she had the opportunity to perform at the Ariston Theatre which also hosts the senior edition of Sanremo. There, she was accompanied by Maestro Paul Abela, who was also the composer of three entries at the Eurovision Song Contest; Could It Be (1991), In A Woman's Heart (1996) and Another Summer Night (2001). It is worth denoting that apart from winning several international competitions, Gaia Cauchi was also part of the programme Ti Lascia Una Canzone on RAI, where she had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Italian superstar, Alessandra Amoroso.

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