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Ozzy Lino

Lino know in music scene as Ozzy Lino born in Malta on 10 Febuary, 1971. Lived in the Capital City Valletta till the age of 9, when his parents along with his 6 year old sister Claire all moved to Australia, Ozzy Lino is a singer/songwriter, musician who creates real music for real people. Raised in Ashcroft, a small town just outside of Sydney, Australia.

Ozzy started singing at an early age at the Johann Strauss School of Music in Valletta, and when he along with his family moved to Australia he joined the professional group called The Green Valley Young Peoples Choir with his sister Claire. The choir has a very proud history over some 30 years. Its significance is now such that it is one of the most significant young people’s choirs in the country. It was first established in 1968 under the direction of Mr Rex Harris. Many hundreds of young people have passed through the ranks of the choir over the 30 years of its history. It has had many significant achievements and had many significant performances, supporting performers such as Marcia Hines and Peter Allen.

The choir has also performed a number of musicals, such as Godspell, Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, and The Witness. Touring has also been a significant activity of the choir, which has toured extensively within Australia, New Zealand in 1985, Israel in 1986, America in 1982, and went on a four-week tour of Britain, America and Canada in 1992.

He is known as Ozzy Lino in Malta, Lino being his Christian name and Ozzy referring to his Australian background. His ability to entertain audiences in a variety of venues, and has captivated large crowds in pubs, clubs, hotels, and numerous charity events in Australia, Europe and North America and Malta. Ozzy Lino is an exceptional artist, with a confident and commanding performance said Mike Galaxy, President of Indy Hits, Los Angeles. He serves up songs that strike a universal chord with his audiences and his boundless energy keeps the audience focused on his shows and guarantees a good time for any crowd.

Ozzy Lino

Ozzy Lino is a renowned singer, delivering exceptional performances with a voice that can handle any vocal range with ease. He delivers songs faithfully and with a contagious, passionate enthusiasm. He took part in one of the most prestigious event in Malta Rockestra and in July was a part of the Rockin1000 The Biggest Rock Band on Earth. He was once a resident singer and co-host of RED TV in Malta and has done regular radio DJ spots on Xfm Malta and A3fm, TV game shows like Ħadd Għalik, The Entertainers & 12 to 3. His years of experience as a musician on stage, in the studio, on the radio, and on television, along with his collection of devoted fans and his ambition, have prepared Ozzy to share his voice and talents with the world. Ozzy Lino recorded his first album in 2003 Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again. His second album, Taking It Easy was released mid-2007. Patience is the latest single with a worldwide release on over 170 platform including itunes, Amazon and Spotify.

His lyrics deal with issues familiar to us all, delivered in songs that entice the listener to sing Ozzy’s viral train video has been recived over 672 thousand likes has inspired over 900 thousand people to share this video which has led to the video to be viewed over 100 million times worldwide. You can follow this link below to view one of the many you tube links: