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Xarulu’ duo was formed by Luke Agius and Josef Camilleri. Acoustic duo.

It's was early in summer 2013. When Luke calls Josef to meet to discuss a guitar repair. It takes minutes for the guys to click and starting talking music. So much so that they agreed on a jamming session a few days later. From that enjoyable jam session Xarulu' was born.

Xarulu' is an acoustic duo with Josef Camilleri on vocals and guitar and Luke Agius on guitar and backing vocals. This blend allows them to perform well known songs with a slightly different approach. Each performance is different and dangerous with a lot of improvised input from both musicians. They like to give it all, spicing things up along the way but most of all enjoying the moment, sharing with audiences the good vibes and energy!

They have in a short time gone on to perform at some of Malta’s most high-profile events including Rockestra, Notte Bianca, the Farsons Beer Festival, and served as the entertainment act during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015. More recently the pair began penning original material, which they plan to record more of in the near future.

On 31 July, 2015 they released theri debut song Grand Paris The song showcases a unique fusion of musical styles, including strains of gypsy jazz, classic rock and vintage country music. Grand Paris taps into a common desire we all share to meet our artistic heroes, the fantasies we entertain of travelling back in time to sit down with these artistic greats over a drink and spend an afternoon discussing everything under the sun. The single is also accompanied by a music video that was filmed by Matthew James Borg.

Grand Paris it was recorded by Luke Grech at Juubox studios with the help of some of Malta’s finest musicians, including Ryan Paul Abela on double bass, Melchior Busuttil on drums, and Marcelline Agius (leader of MPO) on violin. XARULÙ took great care in arranging the complex instrumental elements within the song and were adamant that they capture the best live performances possible in the studio, refraining from the application of auto-tune effects on vocals or an over-reliance on edited takes. All this gives Grand Paris an unmistakable organic feel that truly encapsulates the duo’s musical vision.

On 2 September, 2017 Xalrulu taken part in L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2017 with the song ‘Rutina Tgħallina’ lyrics and music by Xarulu and got the third place, and beside that win the also teh prize for ‘The Best Recording’.


• [xarulu@gmail.com] • [1]