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Robert G is a Maltese singer (real name Robert Galea - born 5 May 1979) who first appeared as a solo artist on the local music scene in 2012.

His debut single Only On His Way was written by Ray Mercieca and released 14 March 2012. A few months later a club mix by Toby was also released, along with a promotional music video.

Robert G started his music career playing with a garage band in his teen years. He eventually moved to broadcasting, most notably hosting Xalata Rock on One Radio, as well as a stint doing the breakfast show and drive-time slot on the same radio station.

In 1993, he replaced the lead singer who had been singing with some English musician friends to form the band Mainaxe, which lasted for about a year. After various live performances with this band he joined The Axe and eventually Different Minds. After a couple of years of all this, Robert had enough of being in bands and moved to England. He eventually he returned to music recording a called I Can Change. He has also gigged the club circuit in China.

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